MaxCDN vs KeyCDN

Which is better, KeyCDN or MaxCDN? The fact that using CDN is the most critical for enhancing website performance, traffic, and customer experience has thrust users into the market looking for the best providers. CDN is a network of globally distributed servers that help to cache website files from the main servers and deliver them to clients at faster speeds. In this article, KeyCDN is compared with MaxCDN to establish which is better for your website. The comparison focuses on performance, price, technical support, features overview and user interface.

A comparison of performance

KeyCDN runs in 3-perfomance layers to deliver higher throughput requirement and low latency. Its network has continued to grow and reached 22 POPS. Besides, the company works with many peering partners and has strategically located infrastructure.

MaxCDN has cut a name for its excellent services. It works with over 500 peering partners that reduce hops between providers. Therefore, users are able to have direct access to MaxCDN through top companies such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Swisscom, Cox and Comcast, among others. Today, MaxCDN operates its servers in 18 locations that provide direct reach to over 90 countries.
Download tests indicate that downloading files using MaxCDN takes half the amount of time KeyCDN requires. MaxCDN has more POPS compared to KeyCDN that make loading pages and downloading files very fast. On data, there is no doubt that MaxCDN is significantly ahead of KeyCDN.

Price Comparison

KeyCDN uses the pay-as-you go model of pricing which translates to about $0.04 for 1GB traffic. The rates are some of the cheapest in the market. On a monthly basis, the cost translates to about $1-3 dollars.

When you check MaxCDN charges, the price are cheap but not as those of KeyCDN. They charge a monthly rate and provide clients with a 25% discount. For clients who pay on annually basis, the company offers two months for free. Here, it is a matter of choice; pay cheaper and get lower speed with KeyCDN or pay more and enjoy faster speeds at MaxCDN.

Technical support

MaxCDN prides its responsive 24/7 support with professional staff. Whenever you pop them with a query, they always have someone waiting to respond immediately. They take time to assist you and ask for your rating to ensure that every client is served well. Similarly, KeyCDN has invested a lot on customer support to ensure that clients get the best support. They are professional and will always give satisfying answers. One thing that KeyCDN outdoes MaxCDN on is a live chat for clients. This makes it easy to reach the management and get real time assistance.

User interface

Both MaxCDN and KeyCDN have great interfaces. When you open the dashboards of both companies, there are clearly outlined credit chart, used storage, remaining traffic, zones and all account credits among other displays. Though MaxCDN shows cache hits and non-cache hits that are not evident with KeyCDN, the user interface is a tie for both companies.

Company popularity

Popularity of a company is an important indicator in determining the effectiveness of offered services. Because KeyCDN is relatively new, many people do not know about it. They, therefore, prefer using MaxCDN which has been in the market for longer. Having won great companies such as BuySellAds, WebPageTest, Template Monster and Nissan, more people want to use their services. Recently, Rebates was able to increase website traffic with 1495% using MaxCDN.


KeyCDN and MaxCDN came out in the comparison to be highly effective in offering their services to clients. Despite the fact that KeyCDN is relatively new, its services lagged behind those offered by MaxCDN. Even though KeyCDN charges are lower, it is better to select MaxCDN because your pages will be faster, deliver higher traffic and enhance user experience.

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