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Starter businesses and established stores looking to get further control over their sales schedule and modules can look towards Neto as the website management platform of choice. Neto is an ecommerce platform that aids a business manage sales including increasing the business volumes on the online setting. The major strength with Neto is the fact that it enables users to integrate their online store with leading accounting elements and payment avenues. This perfects a systematic roadmap of sales management which not only saves time but also reduces the hassles of bulky transaction modules.


What are the major upsides?

Sales, shipping and merchandising are arguably the most pronounced aspects that clients can enjoy from Neto. The upside to utilizing Neto however manifests with the workable settings that ease the transaction process by ensuring sales are managed and customer experience is increased to guarantee increased traffic.

  • Inbuilt client and order management:This platform has been designed to target the management of inventory, shipping process and accounting of orders placed by customers. This gives users an ease of operation where they can get to effectively monitor and direct the sales being made from their online platform. The marketing aspect is also captured which enables a business market its merchandise seamlessly.
  • Sales through various channels:Neto offers its users the chance to upscale their sales through varied channels including the social platforms which are massively growing into business hubs. With that integration, a user can simply convert their social platform into a sales pitched site from where sales and marketing including customer order management can be done seamlessly.
  • Mobile ready templates:As many customers are engaging in online shopping in an increased capacity and majorly aided by the convenience of mobile phones and gadgets. Neto offers mobile ready templates which lets users customize their online platform in line with the mobile platforms that customers utilize.
  • Enterprise level features:The enterprise level features are instrumental in allowing a business build towards scalability. The main aim of Neto is to increase sales volumes while also scaling the business to greater heights.

neto review

The unique aspect about Neto as an ecommerce management platform is that it cuts on the need of third party freight software by ensuring that a user gets to have a shipping automation module. This becomes effective in managing shipping processes and reducing the costs and personnel that would have been needed for the same. In the same wavelength, Neto allows users to handle transactions with their clients using a paperless order packing and picking process. This not only means an automation of the process but also guarantees that the process is made smooth and without the hassles of errors that emanate from bulky paperwork.

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Neto is thus an ecommerce management platform that offers effective management of the online sales platform which ultimately translates to increased sales and growth of the business. Neto not only saves a business finances in terms of the costs of management but also the personnel that are needed for a successful line of transaction.


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