Ninja Popups Review

While popups are marred with a bad reputation because of their intrusive nature, they are a great method of building your mailing list. Though a significant number of people install popup blockers to prevent interruptions, you will be surprised to know that they might be among the best tools to assist you to get more contacts in your mailing list. In this review, Ninja Popups are comprehensively reviewed to establish how they work, ease of use, and compare them with others.
Ninja Popups is a list building plugin by Envato Market that helps users to design great pop-ups in a lightbox overlay. Unlike other pop-ups, Ninja Popups designer went a step ahead to create features for social sharing, inline opt-ins, and footer-opt-in bars.
Using Ninja Popups
Once you have purchased the preferred plan, download it into your computer and install the WordPress. A new Ninja Popups menu will be available in the setting section so that you can create the first popup.
The process of creating a new menu is easy. Simply hit add new popup in the Ninja Popup menu to get an extensive setup window. Here, you are only required to include the name of the popup and then pick a readymade theme or build your own. Ready-made themes come with about 20 different options with differing colours, social position, texts, and other information.
(i) Themes: If you utilize the ready to use themes, you will bypass the need for a theme editor. However, it is still possible to customize the popups.
(ii) Content: Ninja Popups give the user the extra flexibility to edit all the content of the popups. You can edit the width, height, and other content including;
• Font size and header
• A sub-header
• Bod text
• Image and video
• Bullet lists
• Submit, loading and success text buttons.
• Colours of buttons and gradient
(iii) Overlay: Using Ninja Popups allows the user to control the overlay capacity and allocate a specific image. This is very important so that you can get a combination for better highlights.
(iv) Display setting: For users who want to apply date specific opt-in forms, Ninja Popups display settings fields allow you to set starting dates and end sates for specific uses. Good examples are popups set to run during Christmas holidays. You use the display settings to allow you to set the popups run starting one month to the celebrations.
(v) Welcome and exit application: These settings give the user control on when specific popups will load. The settings come with 3 key options; on page load, when the user scrolls down the page, and after (X) seconds on the page. The exit settings also provide 3 options to display popups including when a visitor is exiting the page; mouse leaves the page, or the user clicks a different link.
Ninja Popups delay and close buttons
Notably, Envato Market factored one critical thing that makes a lot of people hate pop-ups and improved on it. With the traditional pop-ups, it was impossible to close them once they hit your screen. Therefore, many people got angry, left the page, and installed blockers. However, with Ninja Popups, you include a close button with an auto-delay to give clients opportunity to close the popup and proceed with what they were reading.
Cookies and redirects
One thing that is very annoying when visiting pages and searching information is getting the same popup coming up even after closing it. With Ninja Popups, you take control of the cookies and set how many times an opt-in popup will come up after a visitor closes it. Even after a visitor converts using opt-ins, you will be able to set the forms to disable popups or shift to a different type of popup. In case visitor fails to convert, it is easy to follow and control later possibilities. Note that these settings have huge impacts on visitor’s experience. Take time to think again about the time when you want to present the popup again after a visitor closes an opt-in form.
Ninja Popups A/B Testing and Reporting
Ninja Popups comes with an inbuilt A/B split test capability that allows you to select various popups and pre-test them. The testing comes with real-time analytics that tells you how each popup is working in comparison to others. For users with Google Analytics, you can also enable GA Event Tracking for more comprehensive reporting and tracking.
Additional features, support, and pricing
To make users get a better experience and top results, Envato Market keeps working on improving the plugin. They have the following additional features;
• Auto-responder to help forward opt-ins into your email address.
• Theme Builder is a new feature that allows you come-up with custom themes. It provides a lot of control for the images, buttons, texts, bullets, and lines.
Using Ninja Popups enables you to consolidate all marketing platforms including integrating third party providers and channelling all contacts to the same list. For example, you can integrate it with other mail list builders such as MailChimp, AWeber, and Campaign Monitor to build the contact list faster.
With Ninja Popups, users have access to affordable add-ons that help to increase the plugin’s functionality. For example, you can get the 10 Theme Park for just $7, Optin Bar Pack for $6, Ninja Widget Extra for $6, and many others available for only $1.
Ninja Popups for WordPress are sold at Envato Marketplace for $21. The price includes support for 6 months from the developer and an option to extend the period to 12 months with additional $6.30.
Ninja Popups is an affordable plugin that presents users with an easy to use option for creating faster opt-in forms and growing your page, business, or personal contact list. Though the company has only been in operation for about 3 years, the response is very high with many clients indicating it is more flexible, affordable, and efficient in designing popups and building contact lists.
Though people who are new to WordPress may at first find it a little challenging, the ease of use and knowledge base makes it easy to learn using it. If you have tried other options and did not get results, this is one great option that you should consider to apply for faster results.

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