Is It Possible to Optimize Content for Google Answer Boxes?

Ever entered a query in Google and got direct answers in SERP (Search Engine Research Pages)? These are what we call answer boxes. For example, ask Google what is seo? and a direct answer in the search box will appear.

seo knowledge graph

Noticeably, the info in the answer boxes can be either in numbered lists or direct paragraph. The nature of the answer depends on the place that Google sourced the info.

Interestingly, these answers are not simply drawn from the top ranking pages. Besides, Google appreciates that the answers might not be the most appropriate and requests visitors to provide their feedbacks.

The main question is; can your content also feature in the Google answer boxes?

A closer look at Knowledge Graph Optimization (KGO)

Answer boxes is one of the Google’s efforts to provide the most useful information to users when they enter queries. This form of operation has been driven by the intensifying use of hand held devices for searches.

google knowledge graph

The answer boxes are powered by Google’s Knowledge Graph system that was started in 2012. It targets to help users understand facts on things, people, places, and how they relate to each other.

Because SERPs are increasingly being drawn from Knowledge Graphs, webmasters and SEO marketers are now looking for ways to optimize sites and take advantage of it.

Knowledge Graphs as a subject is indeed complex. However, this post will try to simplify all aspects to capture the best practices that can help you optimize for Knowledge Graphs. We will give special focus to Answer Boxes.

The name Knowledge Graph Optimization was first used by John AJ, who has continued to generate lists of useful tactics that can help webmasters and SEO marketers get their content on the Search Boxes.

Some of the main tactics include:

  • Using structured data when and where appropriate on the website
  • Utilizing nouns and writing naturally
  • Perfecting the external link efforts
  • Managing external data on important profiles such as Freebase and Wikidata
  • Focusing on getting your content posted on powerful sources such as Wikipedia

How to create your content with the answer boxes as the target

Google encourages webmasters and site owners to always work towards making their content more useful and engaging to clients. You should ensure that the info is structured and optimized in line with the best SEO practices. Besides, the content should adopt structured data so that search engines can understand what the content means.

While creating top notch content is not simple in any way, it is important to point what exactly top notch content means from the search engine’s perspective. Great content commences with a specific purpose and particularly a topic that is of great interest to users. You cannot simply set out focusing on keywords while the content will be of no use to the users.

Note that this does not mean that you should relent in keyword research. What it underscores is that the content should be driven by interest of the target audience.

Getting thorough understanding of the target audience will help you craft the right content easily and fast. When your content is research based, it becomes easy to understand what the clients want and generate answers that will be of help.

When it comes to technical implementation, your website content need structuring with special target on enhancing the UX. carefully present the content in the website to ensure that it is formatted well with bullets, headings, and natural. Besides, you should also ensure the content follows SEO best practices such as use of Alt tags, Meta data, headings, and URL structure.
While the content on any website is entirely dependent on the owner, a lot of things must be factored when targeting to appear on Google answer Boxes. This is because all sites can generate such type of answers.

The authority of that website as well as associated pages is very important because they determine the level of trust. Note that this does not mean that ranking in the first position guarantees appearance on the answer boxes for the queries. What you must equally focus on is higher user engagement that includes better bounce rates and time that clients take on your website. Besides, the website should be both desktop and mobile friendly.


Optimizing your website for Google Knowledge Graph is one of the latest concepts in the market. It is undergoing major tests and could bring about a whole new focus on SEO landscape. At the moment, there are no specific guidelines from Google on answer boxes because it is an evolving concept. Therefore, you should adopt the best practices with special focus on top content with good structure to drive better user experience.

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