OptinMonster Review

OptinMonster is an email list creation platform for assisting with online marketing campaigns. It started as a WordPress plugin before narrowing down into a full-on list building platform with other diverse applications such as creating, deploying, and testing opt-in forms.
Users can either opt to deploy preferred opt-in forms using WordPress plugin or take snippet codes to use with other sites that support HTML. This means that every opt-in form can easily be followed and monitored from the dashboard irrespective of the number of sites you operate. Here is a comprehensive review of OptinMonster.
Creating and deploying opt-in forms
• Types of opt-in form in OptinMonster
While the core focus is adding popovers, it also provides various types of opt-in forms including;
(i) Lightbox
(ii) After post
(iii) Mobile
(iv) Sidebar
(v) Canvas
(vi) Floating bar
• The Visual Editor and deploying opt-in forms
After selecting the preferred opt-in form, OptinMonster has a lovely Visual Editor that allows the user make all the desired changes. Within a very short time, you can alter the colour, content, and other aspects. You can edit the opt-in theme, fields, configuration, content, colour and shape to suit the targeted client base.
To make the work of the user even simpler, OptinMonster has set the templates well so that you can simply drag and drop all the info you want. Whether it is text with a specific orientation or image, you only need to drag and drop inside the template. The visual editor also allows the user to see all the change being edited in real-time so that the user can get a clear image of what visitors will experience.
After making the forms of choice, you deploy them by hitting the embed button to send to all the selected pages. For people who use WordPress, deploying the forms is straightforward. However, if operating on a different platform, a snippet of codes has to be followed.
Making popovers less intrusive with OptinMonster
Popups have a bad history because of being intrusive. Most popups used to interrupt people when reading through important information and ended up being blocked. To help the popovers look less intrusive, OptinMonster has the following choices.

• Exit intent: This feature delays the deployment of a popover until a visitor is about to leave. This option is considered among the best because a visitor will have taken ample time to the page and has read what it is all about.
• Scroll trigger: In this case, a popover pops out after a visitor scrolls down and is presumed to be about to finish reading a post.
• Second page visit option: If the visitor is visiting the page for the first time, a popover on the same page can be disappointing. This feature allows the page to delay deployment of popovers until a visitor goes to the next page.
• Hide popovers from subscribers: You do not want the popovers to keep popping up even to those who have already subscribed. OptinMonster allows you to hide all the popups or only pop a different request to those who have subscribed.
Test and monitor opt-ins in multiple websites
While it is very easy to make opt-in forms, you will find it even more enjoyable to manage them from the same dashboard. However, before deploying them, make sure to A/B split test them.
• Run split tests on all opt-ins
To run an A/B split test, simply hit create new split test variation that allows you to add a variation opt-in form. The split test will launch and provide statistics right on the dashboard so that you can select the more effective opt-in.
• Google Analytics integration
One of the most effective analytical tools is Google Analytics. OptinMonster allows you to integrate with Google Analytics so that reports you get are more comprehensive. Go to Google Analytic to have your account verified and well incorporated into the WordPress dashboard. Google Analytics will follow all your website information including what is happening through opt-ins.
Other features by OptinMonster
Other features that make OptinMonster highly effective include;
• MonsterLink that helps to add clickable popovers in your post content.
• OptinMonster allows you to integrate with other mail list building companies including MailChimp, AWeber, and GetResponse.
• Custom HTML support in case the email provider is not supported.
• Redirect visitors to a unique thank you, page.
• Provides page level targeting to help send appropriate offers to clients.
• Send custom opt-ins to convert sign in to sales. This is very critical to help you calculate ROI, especially when selling a product or service to clients.
OptinMonster Pricing
OptinMonster is available in 3 main plans; basic, plus and pro. The basis plan is the cheapest at $49/year. Users get unlimited opt-in forms for deploying wherever they want. It also provides for A/B split testing, and page level is targeting. It is considered the entry plan and is, therefore, recommended for people with small websites or blogs.
Plus plan is sold for $99/ year and includes all the features of the basic plan and others like floating bar, side bar forms, and inline forms. The top rated plan is Pro Plan sold for $199/year. It has very advanced features including exit intent technology, referral detection, mobile specific forms, and smart canvas forms. It also comes with priority support, campaign scheduling, and full-screen takeovers.
OptinMonster is one of the most enthralling platforms for users to create the best opt-in forms for email list building. It presents enough forms for users to select from, comprehensive analytics, and split testing to check what is more effective. However, the platform is pricy, and new start-ups might find it difficult to use its services. Even if new bloggers go for the basic plan, there are great limitations on user features. Besides, lower plans (basic and plus) have added a limitation on the support which may make some people to stay away and consider joining at the pro level.
Despite the few shortcomings, OptinMonster is among the top platforms with great clients preferring its services for flexibility and ability to get results.

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