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Page Optimizer Pro (commonly known as POP), is an on-page optimization tool that has lately been attracting a lot of attention because of its unique features and top-notch performance. It scans any page that you seek to improve and generates multiple recommendations for improvements. Whether you want to compare your pages with a competitor or simply identify SEO errors for correction, this is one tool that has stood out in the market.

This is a comprehensive review of Page Optimizer Pro to evaluate its founder, how it works, features and key pros and cons. This review has everything you would want to know about POP.

A Brief Overview of Page Optimizer Pro

Page Optimizer Pro was created by an SEO expert referred to as Kyle Roof. Indeed, it is Roof who has made the tool so popular because of his commitment to details and progressive research on SEO. He ran 200 tests before deciding to convert his data into POP software.

So thorough was Roof with his research that he excited the SEO community by tricking Google’s ranking algorithm. He created a dummy page that was written with Lorem Ipsum placeholder text number one for a highly competitive term, “Rhinoplasty Plano”. Despite being a dummy page, it ranked very well using suggestions generated by Page Optimizer Pro.

When applied correctly, POP is a high potential SEO tool that could catapult your site to the top pages on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). It is relatively easy to use and you can expect results within a very short time.

How Does Page Optimizer Pro Work?

POP is an online SEO tool designed to help you improve the content and mechanics of your web pages. First, you need to create an account on Page Optimizer site to get access to different tools. Then, you are required to add the pages to be improved for analysis.

POP scans the pages you have added for analysis to note key issues with content, links, anchor text, paragraph text, heading, tags, and other components. Then, it generates a spreadsheet report with easy to follow recommendations. The most notable of the report is the actionable to-do list that allows you to take specific actions for improvement on your ranking, traffic, and conversions.

To extend the review, you could also add the addresses of your top competitors for comparison. This will help to make the reports and recommendations comprehensive to easily outdo even the top competitors.

Main Features of Page Optimizer Pro

The main features of Page Optimizer Pro are categorized based on the results from your website page scans. Here are the main features:


This feature acts as the first tab of your results presentation interface. They are generated based on what your competitors are doing. POP compares your website pages with those of competitors to help you broaden personal perspective on what should be done differently.

Exact Keyword

This feature is the first sub-tab on the user interface. The keyword, like the name denotes, provides suggestions of the number of times that you should use the keywords on different page elements. Unlike in the past, stuffing a lot of keywords does not result in better ranking today.

Page Optimizer Pro helps you to know the perfect number of times to use your keywords in different on-page elements. It also assists you to put more focus on creating top-notch content that can deliver better customer engagement and user experience.

Alternative Recommendations

Adjacent to the “Recommendations” tab is the “Alternative Recommendation” feature. This feature is meant for website pages that do not allow you to increase words and reach what your competitors have. Instead of focusing the recommendations for your site based on the word count, Page Optimizer Pro provides suggestions based on percentage.

When you cannot increase word counts to hit a higher word count, it is important to utilize every opportunity to creatively place keywords in areas such as videos, infographics, tags, and descriptions.

Site Structure Recommendations

When visitors land on your site, one of the crucial components that determine whether they will explore it further is the site structure. If your website is carefully structured and loads fast, it will be easy to navigate to other areas for additional information such as products and company operations.

The Site structure recommendations feature on the Page Optimizer Pro shows how many items you should show on your page. The tool compares your page and those of competitors to come up with the best layout and components.

To get more from your Page Optimizer Pro, it is advisable to start with this feature. This can help you put a lot of weight sprucing an item that you will be advised to remove.

Cost of Page Optimizer Pro

The main shortcoming of Page Optimizer Pro is that it does not come cheap. The tool is available in five main plans that are meant to give you the flexibility of selecting what you want.

  • Starter Plan – Costs $10/month
  • Basic Plan – Costs $20/month
  • Premium plan – Costs $30/month
  • Unlimited Monthly plan – Costs $39/month
  • Unlimited Yearly Plan – Costs $390/month

Pros and Cons of Page Optimizer Pro

Before making up your mind to use this tool, it is advisable to compare its pros and cons. Here is a summary comparing them to help you make the right decision faster.


  • The tool is easy to use with most websites.
  • It makes it easy to put the focus on every page of your site.
  • By comparing your features with top competitors, you are assured of good performance on SERPs.
  • The tool was developed, tested and proven to work by top SEO professionals including the founder, Kyle Roof.
  • The tool is improved progressively to match evolving SEO requirements


  • The plan is expensive. The cheapest Page Optimizer Pro plan costs $10 per month which translates to $120/year.


Page optimizer Pro came out as a highly effective tool for both new and established digital marketers. Its ability to compare your pages with competitors implies that you will always have an added advantage of crafting better SEO strategies. Though it is expensive, this is a great tool to consider for better ranking, higher engagement, and conversions.


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