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When you are looking for a restaurant to buy a meal, the most important component is occupancy that provides social proof of offered services. The concept of social proof works well when you are exploring a business, service, or item that is unfamiliar to you.

One brand that has cut a name in the market for helping businesses utilize social proof is ProveSource. It leverages the concept of social proof to help turn your site into a more interesting and dynamic place for visitors. It is software for sites that display user interaction to help potential clients make up their mind to visit and buy from your business.

This post is a comprehensive review of ProveSource to establish how it works, main features, and key pros and cons that will help answer one question: “Is ProveSource ideal for your businesses?”

How Does ProveSource Work?

When ProveSource was created, the primary mission was to help businesses harness their social proof by using data such as traffic and sales to give your business a positive outlook. To use ProveSource, the first step is joining the platform.

  • Create an account using their simplified process that only needs email and password. The process will take less than 30 seconds to complete.
  • Install ProveSource snippets into your website. The snippets help ProveSource to easily gather information about the business and push notifications to visitors.
  • ProveSource allows you to create own notifications to push to visitors. The process comprises of six steps, and you are allowed to customize colors, images, localization, display rules, and even timing. This implies that you have total control over the notifications.
  • ProveSource uses the snippets and other tools to gather important information such as clicks, impressions, leads and engaged visitors among others. The analytics can help you to get the actual performance of the business in the market.

The social proof marketing is believed to be the next big thing in digital marketing niche because businesses are guaranteed results. Every day, ProveSource pushes about 15 million notifications. Besides, companies that use ProveSource report a 17.4% increase in conversions.


To guarantee its clients of top-notch results, ProveSource system is full of rich features. These features include.


When images are incorporated into a marketing campaign, it becomes very persuasive. The Streaming feature used by ProveSource helps to build trust among the visitors coming to a website. The feature allows you to select images of customers to demonstrate the value a business puts to client value.

Automated Tracking

To know how a specific marketing campaign is fairing on, it is important to have the right data. The ProveSource automated tracking system helps you to always stay on top of the business operations. The feature captures all customer activities such as conversions, reputation, and credibility.

The feature also helps to track page visits so that customer behavior is clearly understood. This implies that you will always have data to evaluate when you want to increase traffic, engagement, and conversion among other parameters.


This feature is used by ProveSource uses as social proof that past clients had great moments in business. The company has an endless combination of notifications that can be created depending on the business content, product, and resources.

  • Live visitor counts that show the number of clients engaged right away
  • Number of people who visited the page in a certain period (daily, weekly and monthly)
  • Number of downloads in a specific period (day, week, monthly)
  • Sign up notifications showing the number of people who joined the business mailing list.


Business integration is an important component when you want to showcase a powerful social proof notification. It indicates that no matter where your business is located the enterprise draws visits from multiple platforms. Some of the top names integrated with ProveSource include Magenta, WordPress, Squarespace, and BigCommerce.

ProveSource User Plans

One of the reasons why people keep coming back for services from ProveSource is low pricing. The company has diversified its user plans to ensure that every enterprise can afford the services to drive traffic and conversions.

The most notable thing in the user plan is the free option. Though this plan comes with major limitations such as slower support and a cap of 1000 monthly visits, it is a great option to test whether ProveSource actually works. If you like the service, go ahead and buy other advanced plans. Have a look of this image capturing the three main plans:

Pros and cons of ProveSource

The main advantage of using ProveSource is that it has multiple tools that make it easy to complete a lot of tasks. You will also like the fact that the service is fully maintained by ProveSource. Therefore, there will be very little maintenance to worry about. Here are other pros and cons of ProveSource:


  • Very easy to install
  • The free version is not time-limited
  • Very easy to create preferred features
  • Helps to boost client confidence
  • Help market the brand, content, and services
  • Easily turns cold visitors to raving fans
  • Notifications work for both mobile and desktop versions


  • To enjoy top of range features offered by ProveSource, you are required to upgrade to the higher plans that are more expensive.

The Final Take

Today, social proof has become an important strategy for businesses to drive traffic, increase engagement, and conversions for businesses. Because it provides a direct link between your business and its visitors, it becomes easy to convince them that your enterprise is the right place to be/shop.

If your business has not been taking advantage of social proof to strengthen marketing, it is missing a lot. ProveSource has provided a reliable platform that you can utilize to build an engaged following. Its diverse features, demonstrated efficiency and affordability make it a worthy undertaking.

Do not just sit back as social proof marketing take root. Check ProveSource to see the plan that fits your business. You could even start with the free version!


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