Reasons not to use Google AdSense

As an advertising tool, Google AdSense is one of the most popular globally today. It is very popular with millions of publishers around the world today. Small and large websites alike prefer using AdSense to make money online. However, it is also worth mentioning that AdSense is not the only tool of its kind today. Therefore, any person not convinced about the need for using AdSense for any of the reasons mentioned below is free to look for what he considers a better alternative.

  • Big payout needed before receiving the first pay
  • In fact, when using Google AdSense, it is important for the user to realize that he shall never receive a single payment unless he earns not less than $100. Bearing in mind the fact that the first $100 takes a long time to accumulate, the user has to wait for a while before getting his initial payment.

  • Excess ads
  • Users have to be very careful with Google AdSense in terms of the amount of ads that they can feature on their websites. Excessive display of an inordinate number of ads might cause the website to suffer in terms of ranking on search engines. A good website is all about content and not too many ads.

  • Difficulty in determining the pay
  • The user has no way of determining or calculating what he shall receive as his pay by using Google AdSense. Google has all the say in determining what it pays. For example, when Google pays itself $1, the user might have to do with a pay of only $0.01.

  • Lack of adequate information
  • Google does not provide users with a detailed report of how it calculates each payment. Therefore, a user has no way of checking whether the pay he has received through Google AdSense is correct or not.

  • Google can ban AdSense users easily
  • An AdSense user has very little protection if Google chooses to ban him. Google might choose this option because of any reason, without explaining to the user. If the user clicks his own links, Google might decide that it has had enough of him, thus banning him from AdSense.

  • No Sharing Stats
  • Google AdSense does not allow users to share any information with anyone. Therefore, although a user could be making very good progress, he has no way of sharing this information with any other person.

  • Insufficient Money
  • If a Google AdSense user wants to make money, he has to find a way of convincing people to visit his website and click on the ads. If he does not do this, the user would not earn.

  • The brand suffers
  • By featuring ads using Google AdSense, the user would probably only succeed in devaluing his brand. A business that features too many websites has a very high chance of not earning the respect of people who visit the site for information and other relevant content.

  • Creates opportunities for the competition
  • Google AdSense is bad in the sense that the user might discover that his website is full of ads that promote his competitors.

  • With each click, the website might lose a client
  • Each click on any ad on the site might be a very unwelcome distraction to the user. The fact that each click opens the ad on the same tab and browser that the visitor is using might convince him not to visit that particular website ever again, which would be bad news.

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