Round Ups

Here is a list of Expert round-ups I’ve participated in

SEO Expert Roundup: 55 Experts on Top SEO Trends of 2017
90+ Experts Share Their Strategies For Ranking Higher in Google
65 Social Media Experts Share their Tips & Tricks
Mobile-First Index: 22+ Experts Share Their Favorite Strategies And Tips For Succeeding In A Mobile-First World
105 Digital Pros Share Their Top Christmas Marketing Tips
9 Actionable SEO Strategies That Are Cost Effective And Easy to Implement
[38] Shopify SEO Experts Reveal Their #1 Task For Growth
What Advice Would’ve Changed Your SEO or PPC Career?
123 of the world’s best & brightest marketers share their top social media marketing tools for 2018
SEO Tools of the Trade
SEO Success Story: A Guide to Strategy – Day 5: Shounak Gupte
The Top Content Marketing Formats for 2018 [Survey Results]

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