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If you are an SEO manager, one of the crucial tools required in your arsenal is for analyzing data and crafting insights for sites and pages under your watch. In many cases, SEO experts have to search for multiple tools to complete a single project. SE Ranking was developed with a simple goal in mind; to include the most useful tools for SEO managers and marketers in one hood.
Some of the signature features include back link monitoring and web ranking with high accuracy rates. This post is a comprehensive review of SE Ranking to establish what it is, how it works, and the key features.

What exactly is SE Ranking?

SEO Ranking is a full-suite software of SEO tools packaged together to help drive your digital marketing campaigns. In addition to providing all the tools via a single software interface, SE Ranking also helps to pull down costs to make it easy and efficient for SEO managers.

In this review, SE Ranking is ranked 4.8 stars because of its impressive user interface, ease of use, affordability, and multiple features. SEO marketers enjoy the fact that that they can prepare their projects and run them successfully without involving multiple vendors. To start using SE Ranking, the first step is setting up your account:

1) Visit the SE Ranking website and signup for an account. This will allow you to access the dashboard where you can access the main features. The dashboard also makes it possible to monitor your site rankings in real-time.

2) Before you can start tracking your site and checking different performance parameters, you will need to add the site title, URL, and the search range.

3) The next step is adding and grouping together different keywords that you want to be tracked. At this point, you are also allowed to link with Google Analytics for more in-depth analytics.

4) The last step in the setup is selecting the search engines that you would like to follow the rankings on. You can select between Google Mobile, Google, Bing, YouTube, Yahoo, Yandex, and Yandex Mobile. You also have the option of narrowing down the location by a specific city or country to track the keyword performance.

To demonstrate how SE Ranking works, here is a closer look at its primary features.

Mobile and Desktop Ranking

This feature is used for accurate tracking of daily keyword ranking for desktop and mobile results in Yahoo, Google, and Bing. It also tracks Google Maps. SE Ranking provides additional information on search visibility and traffic for timely site changes to optimize your SEO campaigns.

Because the tool is linked to Google Search Console and Google Analytics, it is easy to analyze search queries that drive traffic to a site. Besides, the feature allows you to add up to 10 competitors for competitor analysis as well. This means that you can easily tell what is making the competitor to outdo you.

Other information generated by this tool include AdWords Suggestion bids, search volume, and Google results.

Comprehensive SEO Site Audit

This feature is one of the most important in SEO marketing because it accomplishes tasks that would have required multiple tools. SE Ranking checks over 70 SEO parameters and further identifies technical issues, SEO errors, and content related issues that require attention. This implies that you can target specific problems to help raise the ranking of your site.
Once the analysis is completed, you can export the audit report in PDF format or even send to your email. Whether you are auditing own or clients sites, the reports from SE Ranking are comprehensive and professional.

Run Deep Keyword Research

If you are unsure of the keywords to use in your digital marketing campaigns, the SE Ranking SEO Analysis Tool will come in handy. The main goal for the tool is to help marketers identify keywords with high search volume but low competition.

Here, you only need to enter a preferred keyword in the tool search bar to generate suggestions. You could even choose the city, country, or specific location where to look for search volume of specific keywords.

When you start the search, SE Ranking will open a new window with similar keywords as well as long-tail keywords derived from the seed keyword. Make sure to check for keywords with high search volume to ease discovery of your site online. It is also prudent to look for relevance. This means that you should mainly focus on keywords that have high search volumes but also relevant to your website pages.

The ideal options to look for are the long-tail keywords because they have low competition compared to other keywords of one word only.

Monitor website Page Changes

One of the recent features added to the SE Ranking is Page Changes Monitoring that allows you to track changes that take place in a website. Note that this feature allows you to check the changes in your websites and even those of a competitor.

If a competitor has added new keywords or removed some links, you will be able to know even before the changes are factored by search engines. This is important for webmasters who want to spy on competitors or follow content managers who like making changes without notifying the SEO in-charge.

Note that SE Ranking allows you to set the frequency of monitoring and even the nature of alerts.

SE Ranking offers a Complete Digital Marketing Plan

Whether you are a digital marketing agency, freelancer, or experienced SEO guru, one crucial component for your operation is a structured guide with custom forms for helping things get done. Though you can get some general forms online, they are rarely effective.

SE Ranking provides a comprehensive plan created by experts using the best practices in SEO marketing. With their forms, you are sure of including every point. Note that the forms are easily customizable so that you can enrich them for better performance.

If you are looking forward to enhancing your SEO strategy, this is one unique piece of software that you should consider. The pricing is flexible and ranges from $7.0/month for the cheapest plan to $189/month for the enterprise plan. But you can also try all the features by registering for a free trial.

The Bottom Line

Every person who works in the SEO niche appreciates that the industry requires aggressiveness and efficiency to understand the emerging trends. This efficiency is only possible if you have the right tools. SE Ranking has demonstrated to be the ultimate software that every webmaster and digital marketer needs because it pools together the most important tools together.


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