Search Engine Spider Simulator

Search Engine Spider Simulator

Search Engine Spider Simulator

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Search engines do not see everything they find on the web. There are many things that are not visible to search engine bots. The way your site is viewed by crawling bots when indexing your pages is very different with what humans will see. For example, content generated through JavaScript, Flash-based content and content displayed as images may not actually be visible to the search engines, though are visible to you and web visitors.

Search Engine Spider Simulator is basically a tool that attempts to simulate search engines by attempting to display the content of a webpage in almost the same way the search engine crawler bots will see it. In simple terms, it gives you the ability to view your site with the eyes of search engine bots.

If you run your website through this tool, you will realize that JavaScript and Flash content do not count when it comes to SEO ranking. While they might be useful in terms of usability, design and engagement, they do not add anything to search engine rankings.

Just type the URL or copy and paste it and click the button to see your site through the eyes of search engine bots. You will be shocked to find out that images, animation and other Flash contents are completely invisible.

This tool simulates how search engines like Google see your website. The tool strips out the Images, JavaScripts, Flash objects and gives you an idea of how the text looks in the eyes of a search engine. Enter your domain name and see the magic.