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Any SEO campaign must recognize the fact that keyword research is one of the most important foundations. In order to attract more traffic, rank higher in search engines and eventually make more money, it is important to perform effective keyword research. This is why tools that are designed for the sole purpose of keyword research are so popular in the industry. The SECockpit tool is one such industry favorite. It is the flagship tool of the SwissMadeMarketing Company. Here are some of the advantages of using this tool.


This tool does not require any installation. Many SEO tools require one to download and install them into the computer. While this certainly has its benefits, the download and installation process introduces some potential problems into the mix. This tool is saved from the cloud, saving one from having to worry about compatibility issues, the website clogging up one’s system or putting their IP at risk of being banned for performing too many searches.

It is faster than many of the keyword research tools available in the market today. This is also down to the fact that it is cloud based. It can therefore access vast amounts of processing power, resulting in the ability of the tool to get up to 200 fully processed and analyzed keywords every minute. Comparatively, other tools, especially those that are installed take around between 1 and 2 keywords every minute. Furthermore, it always works at full speed and never slows down connections.

secockpit reviews

It has some of the most impressive keyword research functions. It is one of the few tools that has an almost exclusive focus on keyword research. This is the SECockpit tool’s biggest strength, and its functions will have the user find the most valuable keywords in a matter of seconds, find more and better keyword opportunities for the online marketing campaign as well as analyze them thoroughly. The tool also offers users the opportunity to keep track of various aspects of their SEO campaigns.

For starters, one can pull information about keywords from the reliable Google Adwords database, which always gives some of the most popular keyword suggestions. For those who want to dig even deeper, it has the Google Suggest scraper feature which helps the user find keyword suggestions that might have been overlooked by the Adwords tool. One can narrow their search even further through the keyword filter tool. This tool is designed to help the user find the most profitable keywords through the elimination of the low traffic keywords by highlighting the ones with the highest potential.

With SECockpit, one also gets superior competitor analysis, meaning users will be able to see the top ten pages that currently rank highest for every keyword. The information users will be able to get includes the rank, the on page optimization factors, and the backlink counts among others. Finally, one also receives tools with which they can set their campaign on track. One can set up new campaigns, keep track of every activity and backlinks.What’s more, it has a mobile app meaning it can be used from anywhere.


  • Keeping track of campaigns and backlinks:
    With this tool, users are able to have a software that will transform the mode of keeping track of campaigns. With its feature set, the tool is able to track the backlinks and also monitor the campaigns that an individual has which makes for an effective analysis tool.
  • Dedicated support:
    A dedicated support is always a major plus to users since it guarantees that they can get the support they need in the course of using the tool. With this tool, users get to have a dedicated support section that offers clarity on the use orientations of the tool and how they can get the best from the tool.
  • No installation required:
    With the digital world transforming what the technological setting is all about, users can enjoy using this tool without having to install it. This is made possible by the cloud platform from where users can get access to the tool and use it effectively without any hitches. This is a major plus since individuals do not have to worry and keep in mind the compatibility settings since that burden is lifted with the cloud platform.
  • Optimized for mobile:
    This is another major milestone that SECockpit has been able to achieve since it gives individuals the chance to have the capacity to utilize the software at any place and time of their choosing. This is made possible by the optimization process for mobiles and the access to the cloud platform which transforms the ease of access. The optimization for mobile also gives users the chance to optimize their marketing campaigns from any technological device which creates the aspect of quality service.
  • Faster operation:
    The optimizations that have been structured into the tool makes it have a fast setting which not only improves the operational capability but also ensures users get to build a steady forum for strategy implementation in the ecommerce field.
  • Concrete Keyword research functions:
    Keyword research forms the basic structure of what SEO is all about. With the appropriate research functions in play, a user can be sure that they will get to maximize on the strategy of approach concerning SEO. This is what can build a water-tight campaign that will in turn drive the desired traffic and also increase the rankings on Google and other search engines thereby mapping a site up above the rest.


  • It is costly:
    The operational plan for this tool is quite expensive when considered against other tools in the same niche of operation. As much as there are plenty of upsides to having it, there are other tools with equally the same capabilities which charge a lower premium for the service which makes for a dilemma as far as economizing the SEO campaigns is concerned.
  • Ordinary SEO research features:
    This is a major downside especially when the robust SEO market is considered. The SEO research features that SECockpit has are not advanced which means that aspects like competition analysis are not captured effectively and in their entirety. This not only limits the effectiveness of the tool but forms a flat-line which means that the competition can crush the SEO market through appropriate integration which a user will not know due to an inferior tool that is supposed to handle the same.


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