Google Cache Date Checker

Google Cache Date Checker is a free tool that instantly check the Google Page of web pages to determine whether it is cached by Google or not. You can use the tool to check a specific webpage and get access to a personalized analytic report. It provides the most convenient way to find out the exact date or time the Google cache of each page was last checked. It also lets you know each cache’s status. This way, it is easier to detect and make a diagnosis of any problems and come up with proper solutions.

The Google Cache Date Checker also helps you to track the time frame of when the Google bot last accessed your website. It determines whether a webpage is included in Google search index. It monitors sites on a regular basis to check available updates. If you run a blog or website, it is important to update content frequently. This simple act of updating content regularly can boost your PageRank considerably. This is indeed one of the best SEO tools you can have today. Feel free to use this tool to check as many webpages as you wish. It won’t cost you anything.