Google Malware Checker

These days there are very many malicious sites that users usually stumbles onto when surfing the web. Malware is basically a software designed to infiltrate or even damage your device without your knowledge. It is a general term used by computer specialists to refer to a variety of intrusive, annoying or hostile programs or software code. Google Malware Checker program has been designed for this task.

This free online tool helps you to find out whether a site has been listed by Google as malicious. The tool offers the security alert to protect web surfers from harmful or suspicious sites. It has never been more important for users to protect themselves from online crooks looking to gain unauthorized access to your private files. One of the many ways they can do this by using Google Malware Checker. It can help one avoid suspicious sites.

These days it is not easy to identify whether or not a site is genuine. Many fake sites are being designed to look exactly like legitimate ones. Therefore, it is always important to make sure that a website is trustworthy by using this tool. For malicious sites you should consider using Google Malware Checker to ensure that the site you are visiting is 100% secure and safe before moving further.