Mass Ping

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The mass ping tool is a free online tool is useful in inviting search engines to visit your web pages or website. The tool enables Google to not only find fresh content, but also backlinks in your website. Online entrepreneurs understand the importance of fresh content and backlinks as SEO strategies that help the website enjoy better and higher ranking on search engine results.

As you ping your website regularly, this free online tool notifies the search engine that the site has been updated. With this information, the search engine will re-index your website and make the appropriate updates much faster. The Mass Ping tool is an excellent strategy for indexing fresh content and new web pages much faster while improving rankings on search engines results.

This free online tool enables you to ping as many as 70 search engines automatically. The tool allows search engines to locate fresh content from your website much faster. With the tool, you will have no problem attempting to ping several websites simultaneously. For a chance to see what the mass ping tool can do for your website, enter the URL of your website in the space below and submit right away.