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Blogged for years without success? Maybe it is time to try SEOPressor. This is one of the most popular on page optimization tools which can help bloggers get higher rankings on their SERP. It has been used by numerous bloggers and webmasters, and now powers more than 128,000 sites. Here are some of the reasons why so many people like it.

One of the best features is its ability to display the real time score of one’s on page optimization. This helps the user understand their progress. The interface is easy to use and simple, and even novices can still use it effectively. It displays the SEO score of the blog or site in real time. The higher the keyword density of the site, the higher the SEO score.


Over optimization warning

A decade ago the SEO field was relatively simple and totally different. Today, search engines are getting smarter and increasingly complicated. The past few years have especially seen revolutionary changes with the introduction of Google algorithms as the search engine looks to give its users the best content. Therefore, for every SEO technique one uses, they must be careful not to overdo things and get caught up with penalties. When one does manual optimization, it is difficult to be sure whether one is over-optimizing their keywords or not. Over optimization runs one the risk of penalties from Google, from which recovery can be difficult. With the SEOPressor plugin, though, there is no such risk. The plugin can protect blogs from such penalties by giving real time warnings when there is over-optimization.

Keyword decoration

Another key feature of SEOPressor is the automatic keyword decoration feature. The keyword decoration feature allows one to automatically decorate their keywords with bold, underline or italic. Search engine bots prefer decorated keywords, and this will definitely be an added advantage. Additionally, the SEOPressor plugin add alt tags automatically to one’s images. It can also help in the addition of H1, H2 and H3 tags in the keywords. Basically, it does the SEO optimization for the user, and all they have to do is concentrate on generating their content.

Rich Snippets

When one conducts a search, some websites and results will always appear showing star ratings and unique descriptions. These are referred to as rich snippets. With these, the site will get a higher click through rate, and higher SEO ranking. The SEOPressor plugin supports rich snippets, a feature with which one can add products, reviews, recipes, events and so on. Rich snippets catch the eye of the potential customer, and provide them with more information. This way, people are more likely to click on the page than on others.

LSI analysis

LSI stands for latent semantic Indexing, an analysis feature that gives the user a list of long tail keywords which are related to keywords that people search for. People tend to search for the same keyword in different variations, and through the use of LSI, one’s site or blog can take advantage of this, leveraging it for higher ranking.


  • Tag analysis:
    As you are feeding in content for your website, SEO Pressor scans your tittles, H1, H2 in order to improve SEO for your website. This makes it easy for search engines to see content that you have and therefore match it to what people are searching for.
  • Analysis of Content and keywords:
    When it comes to SEO, shorter content is not as conspicuous as longer content. However, with SEO Pressor, you get to learn how to optimize your content so that it can become more visible to search spiders on search engines. This enables users to choose the best keywords possible so as to boost their online presence.
  • Keyword placement:
    One of the ways through which users can boost their websites performance after a search is through search engine optimization and placement of keywords. If you have keyword driven content for your website, you can easily maneuver it and place it well in your site so that it can become discoverable by search engines. You need to place keywords in a way that they make sense within a sentence structure. That way, when visitors are going through your content, they can easily understanding.
  • It examines images and links:
    When you have some links in your website or content as well as pictures, SEO Pressor is able to examine these items in detail. Thus, making it possible for search engines to see them. For example if you have a caption on an image, SEO Pressor enhances it so that it can become visible to search engines.
  • Improvement on word fonts and color:
    For your to read text well on a given website, it must come with a friendly font. SEO Pressor has a function that allows readers to see text on a website with ease by enhancing their font and color.
  • Tag placement:
    SEO Pressor is very useful in times when you want to place tags on your website. As a result of that, tags are useful in making posts more conspicuous.
    Gives you value. For those who are involved in affiliate marketing, they will notice that SEO Pressor is one of the tools that help them in making more sales for it can enable them to acquire more visitors to their websites. As a result, they get monetary rewards from that traffic.

SEO Pressor adds a lot of value to posts as it enables search engines to see them with ease. Website owners and administrators can benefit from this as it will provide them with a ready traffic.


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