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If you are looking for a great SEO and competitor research tool that will not break your bank, one option that stands taller than others is Serpstat. In many cases, people will recommend other tools such as Ahref and SEMrush because of their proven efficiency. However, Serpstat is fast knocking these leading options off because of its impressive features.

Serpstat is a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) tool designed to assist your business to improve its performances in content marketing, search analytics, marketing, and PPC among other areas. The tool also helps you to know your competitors and the strategies they are using in order to craft better campaigns.

This post is a comprehensive review of Serpstat to establish how it works, its key features, and user plans to help you answer the main question: “Is it the best SEO tool in 2019?”

How does Serpstat Work?

Serpstat is a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) platform and company that offers services such as rank tracking, backlink analysis, keyword research, and site audit among other SEO marketing based applications. The platform was founded in 2013 by Oleg Salamaha as part of a digital marketing agency referred to as Narpeak. However, it broke away and became an independent platform in 2015.
In 2017, the number of Serpstat users had grown to 100,000. In the subsequent year, 2018, Serpstat was recognized as one of the best international businesses according to G2Crowd Awards.

The company uses a unique algorithm that helps its system easily discover the market performance of the domains that users find of interest. It will easily allow you to see how effectively your website is optimized and compare it with that of competitors.

The Main Features

Though Serpstat is similar to SEMrush in many respects, users praise it because of the impressive features and ease of use. Here are some of the main features of the tool:

Domain Analysis

Serpstat allows users to carry comprehensive competitor research. The process only requires you to key in the domain or URL of the targeted company to generate all the keywords it was ranked for.

During the trial studies, Serpostat returned more accurate results than most tools in the market including SEMrush and Ahref. The tool goes further to show when the links were first ranked and their types. This will help you to start understanding what your competitors are doing differently so that you can improve own marketing campaigns.

Lost Keywords

When you create content, there is a possibility that some keywords will get lost along the way. For example, your editors or marketing team who have admin access can alter the content and lose the keywords. With Serpstat, you can easily identify the keywords that have been lost on the way.

The Lost keyword feature allows you to simply enter the keywords that you anticipate to get ranked for. But this analysis does not stop at your website. The tool goes a step ahead to look at similar keywords that are doing well for the competitors and recommended them for your marketing. This is a great way to maintain a competitive edge over your competitors.

SEO research

One of the tasks that many digital marketers find difficult to do is keyword research. However, this need not be a problem anymore. The SEO research feature helps you to easily pull out the top keywords and display them based on volume, cost per click (CPC) and position. The tool picks the best keywords so that you are assured of better ranking on search engines.

The tool allows you to set the filters for picking the right keywords. Here are some of these filters:

  • Special elements in search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • Competition level.
  • Duplicated positions.
  • The number of results.
  • Search volume.
  • URL.

NOTE: You can add as many filters as you prefer to pick the right keywords for your marketing campaigns.

Rank Tracker

When you run a digital marketing campaign, it is important to track its progress. This is important because you can easily see where additional efforts are needed to drive more traffic, user engagement, and conversions. The Serpstat Rank tracker feature tracks your domain to know how it ranked for different keywords.

By default, Serpstat displays your domain ranking on a daily basis. The ranking position is showed alongside other top performers to help you determine who to target with your marketing strategies. Marketers are impressed by this tool because they can consolidate their link building efforts from one point as opposed to purchasing individual tools such as SERPbook.

Site Audit

In SEO marketing, you are required to do a lot of things. You have to get it right on content, links, URL among others. The Site Audit feature helps you to identify errors so that they are corrected promptly for better ranking.

The feature scans your page for issues such as duplicate content, page speed, errors, page speed, duplicate title, redirection, and accessibility among others. Based on these issues, Serpstat assigns your site/ page an SDO score. If your site scores less than 80, it means that there are serious errors that should be addressed immediately. Indeed, it is good to target a score of 90.
The Site Audit will also give you suggestions that you can use to improve on-page SEO and user experience. For marketers doing site audits for their clients, Serpstat allows you to export the site audits in PDF format.

Other key features of Serpstat include Search Analytics, Market Intelligence, Report and Infographics, and content Market Ideation.


The Serpstat pricing is available in four main plans. These are aimed at ensuring every person from those at startup to advanced businesses can afford in order to increase traffic and conversion. Here is a caption of the plans:

If you are just getting started or has a small business, it is advisable to use Plan A that goes for $19/month. However, more advanced businesses should consider the advanced Plan C and Plan D. However, such plans also cost more.


When you set out looking for an SEO tool, the main goal should be identifying the one that presents accurate data of your site to competitor’s traffic, backlinks, and keywords. The data gathered by the tool should allow you to create better strategies and emerge a better brand than competitors. Serpstat performs very well in all the areas.

By allowing users to identify new keyword opportunities, suggest SEO improvement ideas, and give insights into your competitors, Serpstat has proved to be a better option compared to most tools out there. If you want to succeed in your SEO efforts, Serpstat is one great tool that you should not hesitate to use.


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