Instagram Marketing in Melbourne: Important Things You Must Get Right

Since its launch, Instagram has grown rapidly to reach over 300 million active users with more than 70 million photos being shared every day. Its progressive growth and recent updates have made it a perfect option for brand managers. People come to Instagram to connect, and businesses have the best opportunity to build communities for sustained sales. However, it is never easy amidst the fast rising fierce competition. It is because of this that you need to get top Instagram marketing professionals to enjoy more from the platform. Here is what you should know when marketing on Instagram.

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You should include links to point back to your page

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram allows you to add clickable links anywhere on the profile. This makes it easy for clients to click and follow your homepage for more information, connection, and conversion. One unique thing about the link is that it can be changed any time you want and Google Analytics does consider it as direct traffic as opposed to referral.

It is the best place to showcase product in images and videos

Like they say, an image is worth a thousand words. Instagram allows users to showcase their products using images and videos so that clients can discuss and buy. The image helps to emphasize the unique points of the product and demonstrate its superiority. For example, it will be easier to demonstrate changes in a new type of jewelry using images compared to descriptions alone. Today, Instagram allows marketers also to tell the stories of their brands using Instagram stories.

Embed your images with texts

While many people have special love for images; how do you make them get your message? Instagram comes with special tools that allow you to embed messages on top of the photos so that all followers do not miss anything. Our experts will help you to understand and use all the Instagram tools to craft winning messages on the images. For example, you will attract more traffic to your page if you embed the message shouting of special offer on top of the photos.

Make sure to utilize distinct call-to-action on the Instagram

Instagram marketing will only bear the best results if the high traffic translates to conversion. You must design appropriate call-to-action to ensure that all visitors convert to sales. Even if a photo drew a lot of comments, most of them would not convert unless you ask them to. The best idea is to ensure that the call-to-action has a good incentive such as discount or freebie.

Ensure to add the right hashtags for greater engagement

To get more comments, increase reach, and engagement, you need to utilize the correct hashtags. In every post, you need to use about 10 hashtags. Incorporate a wide range of popular hashtags especially those with thousands of views, and moderate ones, and less popular. The secret here is to attract the largest audience while remaining relevant to your product.

To get more from your Instagram, it is advisable to work with top notch Instagram marketing experts in Melbourne. We have all the experience, commitment, and goodwill to take your business to the highest level possible.

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