Siteground Hosting Review

The Most Comprehensive Review of SiteGround
To succeed in the highly competitive business environment, investors need to go digital. This journey to the digital world must commence from somewhere. This means picking an appropriate web hosting provider. One of most outstanding web hosting brands out there is SiteGround. The firm was founded in 2004 and has grown to become a major hosting services provider with more than 800,000 domains.
SiteGround was created with the main aim of making the journey to the digital world seamless for businesses. Its headquarters are based in Bulgaria, but the servers are distributed across the globe. The company provides a wide range of hosting services ranging from shared hosting to dedicated server solutions. After using SiteGround hosting services, interacting with its top management, and clients, here is a comprehensive review that digs deeper into its features, customer support, and pros & cons among others.
Speed and performance
When a visitor to your site keys the address, the role of the hosting server is sending the requested files immediately. This is one of the areas that SiteGround performs perfectly well. It responds to every request very fast to enhance your visitor’s user experience. Besides, the company runs five data centers across the globe that helps to reduce the distance traveled by your website data when a client keys a request. These data centers are located in Singapore, Milan, Amsterdam, London, and Chicago.
SiteGround has received commendations from a lot of people for its allocation of resources. While many companies usually set very low memory limits to maintain control on performance, SiteGround is different. The company provides very generous allocations using up to date software. SiteGround excellent performance, reliability, and speed are some of its most important pros.
Key features and integrations with third parties
To guarantee users of better UX, SiteGround has been working on key features to enhance reliability. These are particularly crucial for those who are technically biased. For example, they provide email accounts and unlimited databases.
To help clients keep their data safely, SiteGround backups clients’ data on a daily basis. This means that if your local backup fails, there will always be a fallback option. Besides, they also have the standard cPanel for managing the servers that make the user interface very friendly easy to use.
If you are a starter website, SiteGround puts a lot of effort in nurturing you until the enterprise is well on the track. Starter sites get free transfers, free domain, and free website builder. Other developer features integrate well with top providers such as CloudFlare’s CDN as well as popular content management services such as Joomla and WordPress. These services place SiteGround far ahead of others because its clients get more than hosting services.
The customer support
A closer look at SiteGround reveals a company seriously committed to staying with its clients all the time. The CEO of the SiteGround indicates that it is the customer support that has helped them climb to the current highly revered position. They engineered in-house chat software that makes it possible for users to select and rate the customer support who attend to them. You can also choose to be attended by a specific customer support staff if he was very helpful the previous time.
To ensure that their clients are even more satisfied, SiteGround extends its support to emails, social media, and tutorials for site development and use. You can visit their site to follow tutorials on Drupal, Magento, Joomla, and WordPress among others.
SiteGround security
When people select a hosting service for their sites, they want assurance that cybercriminals will not access their data. SiteGround ensures its technology is on top of the industry to safeguard clients’ info and lead in the highly competitive industry. It pioneered the use of secure account isolation technology to enhance clients’ security.
In 2008, the SiteGround created the CHROOT account isolation and shared service that helps to monitor and protect attacks from malicious codes. Other security measures include the advanced HackAlert add-on that notifies site owners when there is an attack on their sites. Besides, they also have the free SSL for the advanced hosting plans as well as leech protect that protects admins from leaking passwords.
Diverse user plans and hosting services
The ability of SiteGround to attract and maintain a large client base is based on the diversity of its hosting services and user plans. All the hosting plans come with the key essentials, apps installation, unlimited traffic, email accounts, website transfer services, 24/7 customer support and a 30 days money-back guarantee. Besides, the plans also come with a cPanel, outstanding uptime of 99.9% and CloundFlare CDN. Here is a closer look at the three plans.
(a) The startup hosting plan: This is the lowest plan that costs $3.95/months. It is ideal for sites that attract about 10,000 visits or less. Other features of this site include SSD storage, free site builder, free apps installs, free site transfers, and daily backup.
(b) The GrowBig plan: This is the plan recommended for startups that have started growing and hitting more visits. It is ideal for sites that get about 25000 visits every month. Unlike the Starter Plan, the GrowBig plan allows the user to host a number of websites. It has a bigger web space of 20GB. The user in this plan gets all the services outlined in the Starter Plan plus others such as priority technical support, super cache for faster response, and free rollback restores. The plan costs $5.95 per month.
(c) The GoGeek plan: This is the most advanced plan in the SiteGround services. The user is allowed to host a number of sites and enjoys a bigger web space of 30GB. It is ideal for big sites that have up to or more than 100,000 visits every month.
The plan has the highest charges of $11.9 per month and comes with unique features to guarantee better performance. You get dedicated customer support, WordPress and Joomla Staging, and PCI compliant servers. You also enjoy backup restores for free and supercache.
The pros of using SiteGround hosting services
 Shared hosting that utilizes Linux containers.
 Uses of the improved server restore technology in the hosting service.
 Very fast responsive support.
 Solid state drives.
 A high uptime of up to 99.9%.
 Staging for Joomla and WordPress.
The cons of using SiteGround hosting services
o The webspace is capped between 10GB and 30GB. If you need a bigger bandwidth, a different hosting provider might be necessary.
o The lower plans lack special features such as supercache, WordPress and Joomla Staging, and PCI compliant servers. To enjoy these services, you must move to the higher plans that are more expensive.
The final take
SiteGround’s focus on customer support, adoption of the latest technologies in hosting services, and affordable plans makes it a leader in the industry. Their focus on security has made clients develop a lot of trust. If you are shopping for a hosting service, SiteGround is no doubt a great option to consider.

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