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Instagram has become the new sensation social media platform for marketers who want to gain a large following and drive conversions. Facebook, on the other hand, has been mired in problems and many brands are opting for alternative and more reliable platforms. Even as others such as Twitter and SnapChat appear to fizzle, Instagram is gaining traction.

To help marketers get more from Instagram, a lot of services and tools have been created to help with activities such as scheduling and photo editing. One of the most outstanding automation tools for Instagram is SocialCaptain.

This post is a comprehensive review of SocialCaptain to establish what it is, how it works, and the main features. It also outlined the key pros and cons so that you can make the right decision to use it for social media marketing.

What exactly is SocialCaptain?

SocialCaptain is an automation tool that uses machine learning to analyze collected data and help users formulate strategies that to drive following and conversions. It is designed with top-notch filters that allow users to customize the settings so that efforts are directed at high potential groups of users.

By applying predictive analytics, Instagram marketers are able to optimize following and conversions. Instead of hiring people to run your social media campaigns, SocialCaptain is designed to simplify the process and guarantee the results you anticipate.

How does SocialCaptain work?

Social SocialCaptain works in conjunction with your Instagram profile. However, you will need to sign up for an account and selecting one of its three payment plans.

You can opt for the basic plans that go $15/week or $39/ month. The two plans guarantee organic, real and targeted growth of your Instagram account. They also feature smart automation and provide you with real-time results.

The third option is the Turbo plan. This plan is charged $99/ month and promises users supercharged growth. It promises up to 10 times more followers and user engagement. Note that all the plans come with a three-day free trial.

The main features of SocialCaptain

The most outstanding thing about SocialCaptain is the unique features that make it possible to grow following fast. Here is a closer look at these features.

Full automation

The primary appeal of SocialCaptain is that it is totally automated. This implies that there is no real maintenance on the marketer’s side. As long as you have purchased the plan, the program is always running on the background.

If you have tried to manually drive following to your social media account, you will probably appreciate that it is tiresome and time-consuming. Automation from SocialCaptain helps you to relax as the platform works for you.

Application of artificial intelligence

When the term artificial intelligence is mentioned, it tends to evoke mixed reactions because of the many possibilities that it evokes. At SocialCaptain, artificial intelligence is based on machine learning algorithms.

The algorithms collect data and analyze it to ensure that only the right groups and users are targeted with the correct info. The algorithms work with advanced filters that help to ensure you get quality following. This is crucial in helping to raise conversion through your Instagram account.

SocialCaptain live monitoring and Analytics

There is no automation service that can be complete without an analytics feature. Here, the target is ensuring that the user can get the right feedback on whether the service is indeed delivering the anticipated results.

Analytics generated by SocialCaptain are also crucial in planning for the Instagram content. To help you know whether things are on the right path, SocialCaptain’s analytics and monitoring are done in real time. This implies that at any moment, you can easily follow up-to-minute Instagram account growth. Note that if you want to carry further analytics, the service allows you to export the reports.

The SocialCaptain desktop app

To make operations of marketers easy, SocialCaptain provides users with a desktop app. This helps users to easily access, follow, and manage their Instagram accounts from their stations. It is easy to launch and use on multiple platforms such as Window, MacOS, and Linux. The developers have also indicated they will release a mobile app so that users can follow their Instagram accounts on the go.

An impressive dashboard design

If you are a marketer, struggling with a poorly done dashboard can be depressing. Marketers want to be able to access all the features and tools of the targeted service fast. This is one consideration that SocialCaptain gave a lot of focus when developing the platform. The platform’s design is simple and visually pleasing.

The main navigation bar is positioned at the top to make it easy for clients to explore the main components such as “How it works”, “Learn”, “Pricing”, and “Get started”. Besides, the live chat pops up immediately you visit their website. This is really impressive.

Note that if you are unsure of how to how to go about it, their dashboard also provides a demonstration. This makes it easy to set your goals and get the best from the service.

A summary of SocialCaptain pros and cons

The most notable benefit of using SocialCaptain is its ability to generate a real following that you can convert to sales. Here are other pros and cons you need to know about SocialCaptain.

  • The service has a constantly running automation for its clients.
  • The service is optimized by its advanced artificial intelligence system
  • Unlike other services, SocialCaptain targets real followers that users can convert to sales
  • It generates live analytics that allows users to check what is happening on their accounts in real-time
  • SocialCaptainmboasts of top-notch customer support
  • The service is very pricey especially the turbo plan


As social media becomes even more important in helping businesses grow their influence in the market, growing the following manually can be a herculean task. SocialCaptain makes growing the following effortless and fun.

The service features a combination of unique features such as artificial intelligence powered automation, quality support, and live analytics. Though the cost of the service, especially the turbo plan is relatively high, the results are worth. If you want to grow real following on Instagram, this is one service you should consider trying.


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