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SpyFu is a digital marketing tool that has won the hearts of many digital marketers for helping them improve ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs). It provides you with competitive intelligence about your competitors so that you can craft smarter strategies for more traffic, higher ranking, and more conversions.

This review is a deep analysis of SpyFu to establish why it is cherished so much by online marketers. It demonstrates what the tool is about, the key features, pricing, and pros & cons.

What is SpyFu?

Originally known as GoogSpy, SpyFu is a cloud-hosted system and company that mainly focuses on search marketing. The company was started in 2005 and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The service allows you to simply key in the domains of competitors websites to see their keywords and how they are ranked. You can also go further and identify how changes in search engine algorithms have affected their ranking.

Spyfu makes paid digital marketing such as AdWords more effective because you can narrow to the right keywords while dropping the less effective ones. But this is not all!

SpyFu also provides useful contact info such as email, phone, social media, and address that are very difficult to gather using conventional marketing methods. This means that you can easily build partnerships with targeted brands to strengthen your profile.

To put it differently, you are simply spying on competitors to understand them and build better strategies. Why stay with standard strategies when you can build better and winning strategies using SpyFu?


The most notable thing about SpyFu is its rich features that allow you to research competitors by simply keying their websites. Here are the main features that you should know about.

Keyword Smart Search

This SpyFu feature uses semantic word relationships pay per click (PPC) campaign data and keyword data of the competitors or domains you provide. The smart search allows you to filter the keywords based on the traffic volume or conversion they generated.

SpyFu outdoes other pure keyword research tools such as Microsoft Ad Intelligence and Wordtracker because it helps with comparison. This raises the chances of increasing traffic and conversions.

In-Depth SEO Reports

If you are a digital marketer, your work will be incomplete until the website, page, or blog hits the top of the SERPs. To achieve this, a number of factors such as your links, content, tags and page structure come into play. The SpyFu In-Depth SEO Reports compare different components of your website/ page with those of competitors.

The report seeks to identify areas of your site that are underperforming and gives recommendations for changes. This means that once you implement the suggestions, your website will be better than immediate competitors.

The report also identifies new opportunities that you should utilize to improve traffic and customer engagement. The reports make SpyFu an important management tool for your digital marketing especially when planning for aggressive campaigns.

Filter Sales Lead

In digital marketing, some of the critical things are marketing leads that help you get reliable information about potential clients or influencers. Filter sales lead help you to gather information such as email contacts, social media details, and traditional addresses.

The leads help you to prepare targeted marketing campaigns to drive more traffic and conversions. SpyFu helps you to create a high potential group that you can build over time into a community to increase sales for your businesses.

With the right leads, you can rest assured that conversions will hit a notch higher for your business. When you replicate the operations for a full year, your business will easily march to the next level.

AdWord Advisor Report

If you will be engaging in paid ads, it is prudent to ensure that it is done correctly to drive more traffic and increase conversions. The SpyFu AdWord advisor report is a comprehensive outline generated by the tool after reviewing what your top competitors in the industry are doing.

The report provides a list of high potential keywords so that you can work only with the high potential ones. After initiating the pay per click (PPC) campaign, it is important to also check the progress of the AdWord campaigns. If you need to use alternative keywords, consider changing the competitors under consideration on SpyFu.

The above four features only provide some insights on what to anticipate. Other key features of SpyFu tool include Data Exports, Unlimited Backlink Results, and API Access.


The SpyFu pricing plans are grouped into three main categories. It is important to note that SpyFu plans are meant to encourage people to take the annual plans. For example, if you decide to take the monthly plan, the cost will be $39/month. However, if you go for the annual plan, the price gets reduced to $33/month. Here is a summary of the three plans.

Pros and Cons

To make your decision on using SpyFu, here is a comparison table of its pros and cons.


  • SpyFu has a lot of features that can help to improve your SEO campaign.
  • The tool is improved progressively to increase the efficiency of key features and add new ones.
  • The tool is very easy to use even for newbies.
  • The user plans are diverse to cater for different categories of clients. You can even opt to pay as you go (monthly only plans).


  • The tool is very expensive. For example, the cheapest plan costs $33/ month which translates to $396/year.


To succeed in digital marketing, one of the main goals should be identifying what competitors are doing and crafting better strategies. SpyFu helps you to look at your competitors from multiple angles to understand what they are doing differently. It also provides you with multiple suggestions to help you create more effective marketing campaigns.

Whether your site or business has been underperforming or needs some boost, SpyFu is one great tool to help catapult it to success. Do not let your competitors remain ahead of you because SpyFu can help you race ahead of them, drive more traffic and conversion.


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