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Are you an avid marketer on Instagram and Pinterest? One of the common challenges is managing multiple activities. For agencies, managing Pinterest and Instagram campaigns for clients can be a nightmare. From regular content posting to analytics, manual operations can slow you down and compromise operational efficiency. However, you can address this problem by using advanced automation tools. One of the top options is Tailwind app. Here is a comprehensive review of Tailwind app.

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is one of the leading marketing apps created specifically for Instagram and Pinterest users. Though Tailwind is largely known as a scheduling tool, it is more of an all-in-all toolkit for social media marketers on Instagram and Pinterest. Here is what you can do using Tailwind:

  • Upload images faster.
  • Schedule posts.
  • Measure and analyze your social media campaigns.
  • Target and reach new audiences.

A closer look at Tailwind reveals it has an interesting history. It was started in 2011 as a marketing solution for Pinterest marketing and analytics. But it has expanded to include Instagram so that most marketing operations you do on Pinterest can also be done on Instagram.

Over 100,000 global brands and leading 350 social media marketing agencies use Tailwind app today. Tailwind management indicates that it is progressively working on improving the app.

Tailwind Features Review

If you use Instagram and/ or Pinterest and have been thinking of selecting an automation tool, the first thing to check is its features. Here are some of the main features of the Tailwind app.

Scheduling and Publishing

Tailwind scheduling and publishing feature is designed to make posting content on easy and fast. This feature allows you to upload content in bulk as opposed to one at a time.

Using Tailwind, you can easily automate the marketing calendar and reach. First, you should create a schedule for optimal posting depending on the targeted audience engagement, traffic, vitality and other parameters of interest.

You can also schedule multiple pins or grams using the Tailwind’s browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Note that you have to upload the bulk content using the extension so that the app can easily access it and post according to your preferred schedule.

The scheduling and publishing feature is also used to track traffic, comments, likes, repins and revenues of the posts that are released on schedule. This means that you can easily tell whether the content being released to the targeted audience is making the anticipated impact.

Analytics and Reporting

When you initiate a social media campaign on Pinterest or Instagram, it is prudent to ensure that it is followed and analyzed well to establish its progress. This is why the Analytics and Reporting feature of Tailwind was created. You no longer have to individually follow each program or use multiple tools to analyze how marketing campaigns are fairing. Instead, you only need to have Tailwind. The feature allows you to do the following:

  • Track your campaigns to establish growth in likes, comments, repins, boards, and followers.
  • Analyze the performance of every post based on category, keywords, and boards.
  • Analyze revenue and traffic arising from posts on Instagram or Pinterest. This task is completed in conjunction with Google Analytics integration.

Content Marketing

As indicated earlier, one of the main roles of Tailwind is scheduling content. However, you will need to start by creating the content to be released. This is never easy especially when working on bulk content for different campaigns. Now, Tailwind has simplified the entire process by providing recommendations of the content to craft and test new content strategies. This is awesome.

  • Based on what you are sharing and posting, Tailwind provides suggestions for content that you should create.
  • Filter recent posts based on keywords, board, or date among other parameters to establish what is driving growth and engagement.
  • Establish the posts and boards that are performing well so that you can direct efforts to where the campaign is having a greater impact. This can also be used to change the under performing content.

The above features are only a sample of what Tailwind has to offer. Other key features include Content Optimization, Content Promotion, and Listening. The main goal is increasing the features of Tailwind app so that users can easily manage their social media campaigns and enjoy a high return on investment.

Customer Support

One area that Tailwind has performed impressively is on customer support. The company has multiple lines of support that you can use to get assistance. The main support line is sending the company via the help email, help@tailwindapp.com. We were impressed by this line because inquiries were replied to promptly and professionally.

The company also has a FAQ page that provides answers to common questions that people have about Tailwind. If you want to use social media to seek help, it is also easy to reach support on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Though the company does not have a live chat option, you can get prompt help by calling the support using the phone number on the home page.

Pricing Plans

To increase reach and help Pinterest and Instagram marketers get more from their campaigns, Tailwind has three main price plans. The plans are meant for bloggers and small businesses of up to 100 workers. Have a look at the caption below for more details.

The main difference between the three plans offered by Tailwind is the features. For example, the cheapest plan referred to as Plus Plan has limited features, and is designed for small business & bloggers. It is tagged $9.99. This account provides users with Smart Scheduling, Measured Post Success among others. However, if you want more advanced features or prefer the agency level support; you should go for the Professional Plan that costs $799.99/ month or the Enterprise Plan. These plans come with additional features such as Influencer Campaigns, Dedicated Support, and Team Roles & Support that are not available in the Plus Plan.

Note that in the case of Enterprise Plan, you need to contact the company to discuss the features to be included as well as pricing.


  • Tailwind allows users to create multiple posts using its browser extensions.
  • Easy to install and use to schedule, monitor and analyze posts on social media.
  • Easy to join like-minded people to share relevant content and grow the brand audience.
  • The app is being improved progressively.
  • The app comes with many features that allow users to holistically manage their marketing campaigns.
  • All the plans come with a free trial that allows you to test most of the features.


  • Tailwind’s top features are only available in the Professional and Enterprise Plans.
  • It does not have a live chat support option.
  • The app does not support other social media platforms apart from Pinterest and Instagram.

The Final Take

Tailwind came out as a well thought of app that is meant to redefine the experience of Instagram and Pinterest marketers. Its features were particularly impressive because they make marketing on social media easy and fun. Though the cost of the app is relatively high, especially on the advanced plans and only works with Pinterest and Instagram, it is a worthy course for marketers. Therefore, we strongly recommend it for your operations.


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