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HTML title tag is one of the most important on-page SEO elements. Apart from the title tag forming an important SEO element, it is also used by search engines results page to create a title of a snippet. Your HTML title tag must be well written for not only the search engines, but should also meet the expectations of users. It is recommended that you include your important keywords in the title tag. When your main keywords are part of the title tag, your website may be ranked higher in the results page of Google. The keywords in the title tag often act as links to your website.

Title tag checker is a free online tool that lets you check your HTML title tags among other related information. Some of the things that the tool checks include presence of a title tag on your webpage, presence of multiple title tags on a webpage, and the length of the title tag. A search snippet highly depends on the search query. If you want your page title to be displayed in full on a desktop, it is recommended that you stick to about 55 characters of title length, although that might also limit the important long-tail keywords.

In order to determine the correct title tag for your webpages, it is important that you use the free title tag checker tool.

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