Tools to Find Long Tail Keywords for Targeted Traffic

As an SEO expert or a beginner, you are probably familiar with the benefits of using long-tail keywords. Just to highlight a few, long-tail keywords break down the subject that a user seeks results from the search engine. On the other hand, short-tail keywords are way too broad and can hold different meanings depending on the niche. For instance, the short- tail keyword, “Real estate” has a broad meaning and using it for your website may not give you any targeted traffic as users do not have an idea of what precisely your site deals.

Targeted traffic is very important for the growth of any online store. If someone lands on your site as a result of searching a different item, they probably won’t make a purchase from your store. If they landed on your site as a result of searching for a product or service that you are offering, they will most probably make a purchase as they are targeted traffic. Creating long-tail keywords related to your niche has become much easier with multiple tools available in the market today. The following highlight on the top 12 long-tail keyword tools will give you an easier time searching for the right tool for targeted traffic to your site.

Long Tail Pro

long tail pro

Sometimes you may opt for a desktop version for your long-tail keyword research tool, and Long Tail Pro offers you just that. It is a paid tool that offers you more than just finding lucrative long-tail keywords. If you haven’t made your purchase of Long Tail Pro, then grab their 10 days free trial offer to get the real experience of what this tool has to offer, including generating keyword ideas, analysis of keywords, and competition among other features.

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SEMrush gives you a two weeks free trial with their SEMrush Pro version before making a purchase. You get unrestricted access to all features that the tool has to offer including analysis of long-tail keywords, auditing paid ad campaigns, analysis of back links, tracking keyword ranks, dissect content strategies, identification of site monetization prospects among many more features. Each feature of this tool will walk you through a step by step guide on how to use it.

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Google Auto Complete tool

google suggest

It’s far much better if we start with the most prevalent and familiar tools around you. Google search engine’s auto-suggestion feature is your first and free long-tail keyword tool that doesn’t require skills to use effectively. With the auto-suggestion, you are sure to find any long-tail keyword irrespective of the niche in question. Google does auto-population of keywords based on their popularity. All you need to do is type your first keyword, and Google will auto list some suggestions related to your niche. You may use another tool to find out about other details such as number of searches, competition and CPC.

Google Auto-suggest


This is a long-tail keyword tool made by Keyword Tool Dominator. It utilizes the auto-suggestion feature of Google and takes it to a higher level. This keyword tool lets you find all auto-suggested long-tail keywords by Google search engine. It lets you download the keywords in a comma delimited format (.csv). After downloading, you may use another different tool to search for other details about the keywords. If you are using this tool, then you may opt for HitTail to find more about the downloaded keywords.

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This is a paid tool mainly available as a web app. It is very useful especially if you are running a type of professional blog, business blog or an ecommerce site. It will help you come up with a list of long-tail keywords that will help in the growth of your business. HitTail uses the long-tail keywords that drive traffic to your site to generate or suggest other long-tail keywords relevant to your niche. This tool will not only help you push old content’s ranking, but will also assist you in driving more targeted traffic to your site or blog.

WordTracker Keyword Tool


WordTracker a very popular long-tail keyword tool which apart from finding profitable long-tail keywords for you, it also provide other important details such as competition, searches, keyword effectiveness index and keyword in anchor and text. When you register for a free account, you will be able to get up to 100 keyword results. This tool is very effective as you can use it to find long-tail topic ideas as well. You are also provided with a 7 days free trial of the premium services where you get to enjoy up to 2000 search results, use related search tools, save your keyword lists among many other offers.

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UberSuggest a fantastic long tail keyword research tool available for free. It will not give you important details such as competition and volume. However, it is very essential for generating ideas that can be used for your long-tail keyword articles. If you do a lot of content posting, this tool will be particularly effective for your work.

Market Samurai

market samurai

Market Samurai is a very strong long-tail keyword research tool, though it misses some features such as link building and competitor analysis0 that are present in other tools. This tool mainly focuses on assisting small businesses in optimizing the performance of their keywords. It narrows down your focus on certain keyword niche that are of interest to you. It pulls information from the Google keyword tools to ensure that its users are getting the most out of it. It also does have an SEO competition tab which assists you in identification of keywords that you can easily grasp for attaining higher rankings with Google search engine. It also does provide you with information on back links from other websites, though it does not offer tools for tracking existing back links or building back links.

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KeywordSpy is good long-tail keyword research tool if you are interested in keyword types mostly used by your competitors. It offers you versatility plus segmented features to suit your preferences. It provides large amount of data regarding your competitor’s keywords in terms of organic traffic and PPC. The information offered is very essential for success of entrepreneurs doing affiliate marketing. However, if you do have a low budget, then the pricing system of KeywordSpy won’t be in your favor. The free version however does offer a lot of features related to decision making, including helping you decide if you tend to be skeptical.

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SpyFu is an effective tool that helps you generate targeted keyword ideas. Starting with a single keyword, this tool will give you similar related terms that are road-tested to be effective. You can then tailor down the list of terms provided to come up with long-tail keywords profitable to your campaign. It offers you greater insights that Google cannot offer to find strongest keywords that match your standards. SpyFu can also generate a report that can be beneficial in optimizing your PPC campaigns based on the data from the campaigns of your competing sites. It also lets you view the contact information that is related to the domain you are searching.

WordStream Keyword Tool


WordStream is a great keyword research tool by WordStream. It enables you to carry out both PPC and SEO keyword research. It allows you to target a particular niche, giving you more suggestions and also the ability to group your keywords based on a common theme to facilitate ad-group launches. With WordStream Keyword Tool, you get 30 free searches, after which signing up for the WordStream Advisor may be done. On top of the 30 free searches, you also have a 7 days free trial.



FreshKey is a paid keyword research tool that allows you to see beyond the common Google instant predictions and suggestions when you type on the search engine. It offers you new keyword ideas, synonyms, variations, as well as sorting of keywords on the basis of popularity. Instead of just getting about a few new keywords from the suggestion drop-down of Google, you can possibly get unrestricted amounts of data as long as you add small letter variations at the end of the keyword root. It will also give you ideas on negative keywords before you actually pay for them.

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