What are NoFollow and DoFollow backlinks in SEO

SEO is probably one of the most popular marketing techniques that has been observed to be on a rise for some time. The demands call for it because it has been proven effective for a large number of companies who have started and continued to implement it. Over a span of time, they have been able to gain favorable results that greatly boosted the chances of a company being seen among millions especially online.

Search Engine Optimization is extremely useful because it can make the life (or death) of a website belonging to a business. SEO is actually a long term process that focuses on improving the search ranking of a website so that it may be seen and discovered among search engines. There are plenty of techniques available that are regularly implemented in SEO in order to attain such goals.

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As you know, getting more links in this kind of industry can work wonders for anyone. Take viral videos, pictures or stories on social media for instance. If it has an effect on people, most chances are that this particular link will be shared among family and friends. It will reach a certain amount of people. Search engines take this as something useful or important and will consider it as highly popular. This is why when you type keywords of the involved link into the box of a search engine, it is very likely that it will anticipate what you’re trying to type and such results will appear at the top. For now, we’ll focus on nofollow links and dofollow backlinks. If you’re new to the scene, here’s a guide on differentiating these two methods commonly used in the world of SEO.

NoFollow vs DoFollow Backlinks

Normally, nofollow links are used to put a stop among search engine bots from following a particular link. A nofollow link comes in the form of a HTML attribute value. You can tell a link if it’s a nofollow one if you can see the “nofollow” within the HTML link. By doing this, no influence is seen coming from the hyperlink being used. This is commonly used in order to prevent receiving harmful spam commonly found among search engines. Using nofollow links is an effective form of refining and enhancing the results that can be found among SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages.

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As for dofollow links, these are the ones that do the opposite of nofollow links. This means that they give permit to search engines to gain access to them by following this particular website. A backlink is evident among this process. Unlike the nofollow link, all hyperlinks are dofollow links by default.

Now that you know the meaning of these two terms, it’s about time you choose what to do with them. Every single effort you put into SEO will greatly benefit your business and help reach all of your online marketing strategies whatever that maybe. Remember, the choice is in your hands and it’s utterly up to you how you want it to roll.

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