What is my IP

What is my IP

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IP addresses are one of the things that people rarely think about. If you think that your IP address is not important then you cannot be more wrong. Without this IP address you won’t be able to perform certain things like look at videos online, check the latest news and get today’s weather. Why? It is simply because sites like ESPN and CNN would not know to send the info you asked for. In other words, they would not be able to get it on your PC or mobile device.

Your Internet Protocol IP address is a unique number which devices use to identify and communicate with each other via the internet connection. It can be compared to a mailing address. Information and data passes through from one computer or from one device to another but only after detecting the IP address of both the devices (receiver and sender). The public can view your IP address and can see where your device is located.

To simplify the matter, developers have come up with a tool known as “What Is My IP Address”. The tool is designed to help people identify their IP addresses and other information about their Internet connection for free. The tool will provide you with the device’s reverse DNS machine name and computer network connection’s IP address.