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If you have a website or blog, there are two ways of monetizing them: showing ads such as Google AdSense or affiliate marketing. But the most popular method of making money using your blog or website is affiliate marketing. This entails marketing products from affiliates and getting a commission when visitors buy the products you recommended.

To rake more cash through affiliate marketing, you need the right tools such as WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates (WooZone) plugin. It is a major tool for showcasing Amazon products for pay. This review is a comprehensive analysis of WooZone to establish its key features, pricing, support, pros, and cons.

What is WooComerce Amazon Affiliates?

WooCommerce Amazon affiliates plugin was created in 2012 by the AA-Team that aimed at simplifying how bloggers marketed products from Amazon. The main focus is the Amazon store because it is the largest online e-commerce in the globe. This means that bloggers stand a better chance of making more compared to using other smaller online stores.

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates was created with many features to ensure it handles all details associated with affiliate products of interest. When you pair with the plugin, it means that you can craft an entirely new store because it pulls products from Amazon and showcases them on your site. Then, it utilizes your affiliate links to track buyers so that your commission is easily channeled to your account.

It is important to note that the plugin’s interface is very clean and without clutter. Besides, it is also compatible with WordPress theme. This implies that you can also sell own products alongside the affiliate products.

Like other plugins, you need to install the plugin to be able to use it. You can install from the FTP account or use the plugin section of WooZone (see the caption below). After installation, make sure to activate it in order to access the dashboard.


One of the most notable things about WooZone is its features. The target is making it simple for affiliate marketers to do most of their tasks efficiently and optimizing returns. Here are the common features:

Content Spinner

If you copy paste content from the description provided on Amazon, your blog/ site will be flagged down for duplicate content. However, creating content especially for similar products that only have slight variation can be tedious. But this need not be a problem anymore!
Content Spinner allows you to automatically alter content so that it looks original. You can customize the feature to change words after a specific interval or the entire post to save time and money.

Detailed Stats

Once you initiate an affiliate marketing campaign, it is very important to regularly check its progress. Detailed Stats help you to see whether your affiliate marketing efforts are bearing results by highlighting the number of products, views, and products added to cart. See the demonstration of the Detailed Stats below:

Advanced Search

To raise the chances of getting more visitors clicking through your affiliate links and purchasing the products under consideration, it is advisable to identify the ones in high demand. The advanced search feature allows you to pull out products by simply keying in the targeted keywords. The feature also allows you to search and import products based on their manufacturer, condition, price range, and other attributes of interest.

Amazon Recommendations

If you are unsure of the products to include, this is another very helpful feature. It is driven by artificial intelligence to generate products that are closely related to what you have keyed. For example, if you want to sell Microsoft products, simply initiate the search based on the term “Microsoft” to get a list of associated products.

Inbuilt Cronjobs

As an affiliate marketer, you need to concurrently run a lot of activities to drive more sales. For example, you might want to import new products, check the poor performing ones for deletion, and generate regular reports. Now, you do not have to be around to do these tasks because WooZone’s CronJobs can automatically do them for you. Have a look at the Inbuilt Cronjobs interface:

Note that if you find it too complex to use the internal cronjob system, it is also possible to do it manually using the cPanel. However, you will need to start by disabling the default cronjob system.


WooZone plans are available in three main categories. The lowest plan, Lite License, is preferred by many marketers because the Lite Version is free. Though the features in this plan are limited, it allows affiliate marketers to pre-test the feel and efficiency of the plugin without risking their money. The other plans are the Regular License and Extended License that go for $49 and $405 respectively.

Pros and Cons

The diversity of features inbuilt in WooZone makes it outstanding from competitors. The creative features such as Geo-targeting allow you to optimize returns irrespective of the country of origin. Here is a summary of the main pros and cons of using WooCommerce Amazon affiliates plugin:


  • The plugin is easy to download, install and use with the industry standard cPanel.
  • It has many features that make it easy to market affiliate products and optimize profits.
  • The plugin is a unique tool that turns you into a big store. Indeed, you can even sell own products alongside those of affiliate products.
  • The plugin is outstanding with on-page SEO that helps to increase the chances of better ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs).


  • The free version has very few features that make it hard to effectively pre-test the plugin operations.
  • The regular and extended licenses that have full features of the plugin are expensive, especially for newbies.

The Final Take

If you have been looking for a tool that can help you with affiliate marketing tasks, WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates (WooZone) is one of the top options out there. It is created with multiple features that simplify affiliate marketing and will easily turn your site into a money making machine. Whether you are new or an expert in affiliate marketing, WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates was created to help you optimize profits and build own portfolio in online marketing. You want more through affiliate marketing, WooZone will never disappoint.


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