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  • One year shared hosting
  • Customized logo
  • Premium woocommerce store
  • SSL certificate
  • Free woodropship pro for one month

All viewers are welcomed to this review of woodropship. Are you in search for the best way to start a dropshipping corporate? Visit the www.woodropship.com. It is the right platform for all beginners in the dropshipping business; it will help you in a very significant way and also make you realise that you made the right choice in visiting them. Care to know what dropshipping is all about; this is what it means. Dropshipping is among the most famous methods to begin an internet corporate or online business. Thus, it has many profits attached to it, and it can also consume time and frustrating with the day by day tasks, which are needed when starting a dropshipping shop. Woodropship is very useful at this point. Woodropship is merely an online software submission or application, which would assist you to automate many of these tasks. You must have probably understood the little explanation about dropshipping and how it functions, but if you should read this write up, you will learn more about dropshipping. You will get more on this thoroughly and also a step by step hint on how you will begin your dropshipping corporate. Dropshipping is just an e-commerce fulfilment system; every order is satisfied by your manufacturer. Below are some of the profits of dropshipping:

  • Little start-up charges
  • High benefits margins
  • No storage charges
  • No delivery fees

Pros of the Woodropship Portal

  • Woodropship as a software application shows up in two parts, such as the chrome extension and the web-app.
  • Woodropship being a classic and quality software, it works excellently via woocommerce for people who aren’t familiar with woocommerce.
  • It is also among the leading e-commerce WordPress Plugin that strengthens many e-commerce shops across the globe.

Cons of the Woodropship

  • The support and training part is one of the disappointing aspects of woodropship, even if clients can get support in the live chat form, it will take a long period to get a customer service agent for assistance.
  • The woodropship also offer lack of training to the clients. You can only find a little write up on how, to begin with, woodropship at the help section and that’s all. Thus, there isn’t any provided in-depth hint on some essential things such as how to begin a dropshipping corporate, advertising Google and Facebook, or how to choose goods to trade etc.

Woodropship Chrome Extension

One of the parts of this software known as chrome extension is mostly made use of to trade in goods from Aliexpress into the woodropship web-app. Also, it consists of three settings, which will choose the following;

  • The shipping method: many individuals who do the dropship business via Aliexpress make use of Epacket. The Epacket is one of the cheapest and fastest shipping systems, and it is mainly used for lightweight and small item shipping. Epacket often takes from seven to twenty days, and this makes it the most popular way most dropshippers use. They are many other filterable shipping methods such as china post registered air mail, Aliexpress standard shipping, FEDEX, DHL, EMS, TNT, UPS, and Singapore post. The cheapest dropshipping system is normal Aliexpress but delivery might take more than one month, and it isn’t appropriate for dropshipping.
  • Currency: it sustains payment with USD, EUR, and GBP.
  • Shipping country: choose the nation you require to ship the things to.

Woodropship Web-App

Once you have this web-app, you will figure out that this is the central place for the dropshipping business. A lot of magic happens on this podium, and you will also find out that the user interface is just simple to navigate. Also, there are fast links on Aliexpress left sidebar, live chat, and chrome extension to a support manager. On the dashboard, you will discover a blue button saying “connect store”, it is very straightforward to connect your store, and all you need to do is enter the URL of your store. After all, requirements watch as your shop becomes synced with the app. There are useful and helpful details should you run into any issues with connecting your store. Woodropship appears with few exclusive features that can be accessed from the dashboard, all these features are:

Add goods

You would be capable of importing goods from the web-app to your woocommerce shop.

Alter product description

Get the title, images, and description altered or changed.

Edit goods images

You should get rid of watermarks, you should make your shop appear professional, and you should adjust the image size.

Set pricing policy for each commodity

This is one of the ideal features of woodropship, which could aid you to stay in financial profit. The characteristic lets you set pricing policy in immensity instead of having to do charge on each of the products. Thus, there are disadvantages in this feature because you can’t have a different policy for diverse goods; every product pricing rule would be useful over the board.

It is discovered that there are two methods in which one can set up these rules, and they are:

  • Fixed markup: You can add extra fixed charge to the main cost of the goods or product.
  • Fixed multiplier: You could multiply the main cost of the product with a fixed multiplier.

Partly automated order fulfilment

Observe orders via the tap of some buttons, you wouldn’t require to write or fill in any user detail as that will be automatically written or filled in once you customer orders are confirmed on Aliexpress.

Automatic catalogue and costing update

You could just regulate settings in the web-app so that you as their client will be alerted once the goods you are trading goes out of trend or once they manufacturer alters anything in its pricing. This is also very useful in woodropship and it another exclusive feature of it. It helps you stay in benefit and makes sure you never overthink on having products that are out of stock in your store.

Woodropship custom made store

For those who don’t have time to create a shop or aren’t technical in mind, woodropship can present great services of a custom-made store. It wouldn’t cost much; they will take it lightly from your pocket which is the lowest price anyone can offer for this service. All you should do is provide a domain name and research a niche. They will do the rest. These are some things you could get from them:

  • One year shared hosting
  • Customised logo
  • Premium woocommerce store
  • SSL certificate
  • Free woodropship pro for one month

Comparison of Woodropship and Alidropship

When it comes to comparing the two competitors, you will find out that there are lots of things woodropship needs to fix up to become very standard.

The Alidropship is also dropshipping software just like woodropship, but it has fixed up its failing areas especially the support and training part of the app. It has an impressive and exclusive support and training well woodropship doesn’t.
Though, to take it lightly with woodropship, they offer you exactly what they promised to provide and that an active and functioning dropshipping web-app. Thus, if woodropship wants to stay aggressive with the likes of Alidropship, they will require sitting up and offering their client fantastic training hints and resources to assist first timers in dropshipping.

Final Verdict

Woodropship is a nice and honest dropshipping app; it appears with some mechanisation features that will make the daily running of dropshipping shop fast. Its app and Chrome extension is easy to use. You can only have issues with the training and support part of the app, apart from that you will be making the right choice by choosing woodropship.


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