WP Engine Review

One of the hardest tasks for bloggers and website owners is getting a reliable, fast, and secure webhosting services. While there is no limitation of options in the industry today, it is the services that define how effective or otherwise they are. For a small blog or website, a good point to start is Bluehost. However, as tasks become more compelling and tedious, you will want hosting services that provide more resources to handle growing traffic. It is at this point that you should think of using WP Engine services.
WP Engine Interface
WP Engine has a combined dashboard that gives the user a holistic view of all capabilities ranging from advanced configuration, CDN control, error logs, user permission, and clearing database cache among others. The User Portal allows website or blog owner to view and manage visitors in the WP Engine account. This is critical because you can clear what you do not want and leave what you want in collaborative projects. Other top tools include Installation Manager that gives you complete control of all installations in WordPress and configuring advanced options for each.
Among the top WP Engine users include Amazon and Yahoo that expressed great improvements in site speeds and user experience. To deliver top quality services, WP Engine utilizes EverCache technology to ensure that clients’ websites are safe when traffic goes up. Besides, they provide CDN on the beginner plan.
WP Engine security
One of the most fearful things for website owners is getting hacked. If a busy website is hacked, the results can be devastating loss of traffic and revenue. It is because of this that large website owners go to great lengths in protecting them. WP Engine is designed to help with this problem in two ways; helping with daily backups and incorporating appropriate security plugins.
• Utilizes sFTP: Instead of using the traditional FTP, the modern sFTP utilizes more secure SSH tunnel that is highly effective. All your data is carefully scanned by SSH to identify threats and clear them before they strike.
• They take daily redundant backups of your page and store in various places; one in the server and the other in Amazon S3.
• If your page is hacked, WP Engine will assist to get the problem fixed immediately.
• WP Engine will assist you to manage every WordPress security so that they are free from hackers who are always looking for loopholes to get users’ logins.
WP Engine Scalability
The WP Engine pricing plans are dependent on your website monthly visits that range from $29/month to $25,000/month. To understand this, it is important to look at an example. If you run a blog and the traffic spikes, the chances are that the page will go offline. The risk is even greater if you are on a VPS or shared hosting servers because they have limited tolerance for sites that use more resources surpassing what they are allocated. However, when using a managed hosting service such as WP Engine, traffic spikes never causes downtime. Notably, additional charges may be required for the extra traffic. If your page visits surpass 25,000, WP Engine provides a special offer package so that you get discounted offers for the extra traffic.
WP Engine
• Staging section:
This feature is designed to give more options to users who love trying with various themes. It helps the user to clone copies of their websites into sub-domains and test new themes and plugins. Then, you can roll out the site with more effective themes or plugins. In case the themes or plugins do not work, simply roll back and select different ones with the original copy.
• Curated plugins:
Plugins are very useful in extending functionalities of websites or applications. However, not all plugins are compatible with all sites while some hosts may deny others access. To make your work of selecting the right plugins easier, WP Engine has a list of featured plugins and those that are disallowed.
• Managed Updates:
Before updating pages in WordPress, some people who have had issues get nervous because of imminent risks of losing data. However, WP Engine clears this problem with its managed updates. When your WordPress is updated, WP Engine will test it and then roll to your page to ensure that all plugins are compatible. Even if something was wrecked, WP Engine stores backups and will restore the page promptly.
• GeoIP Lookup
This feature allows the website owner to know where visitors come from. This is very critical if you are offering products or services specific to a given area. For example, if you are offering a tourism related product to people in Hawaii, you will be able to see and filter those from other areas. Previously, users were required to enrol services of third parties until GeoIP lookup was added in WP Engine.
• WP Engine Lockdowns and
With WP Engine, one of the most important things is security. WP Engine utilizes Limit Login Attempts Plugin to control failed login attempts before a visitor can be banned. From there, you can include other options like password recovery with verifications to assist genuine users in regaining their accounts.
• Support
Support is one of the most crucial that defines the effectiveness of a business or service. To make support services easy, searchable and elaborate, they utilize ticketing. You open a new ticket that is private and secure for all your inquiries. In addition to ticketing, they also have email support and phone support for users who want prompt replies.
WPEngine pricing
One notable thing with WP Engine is that their services are rather pricy. Indeed, some have indicated that their high cost of services has made people with small blogs and young websites shy away. While this is true, you cannot compare with everything that comes with it; uber fast loading speed, expert support, and top rated security among others.
WPEngine has demonstrated its unique focus on service quality and value for money with great features and design. Unlike other hosting providers, WP Engine creates a new experience based on progressive focus for WordPress websites. Though it is pricey, it is the only hosting company that allows you to relax knowing that security is taken care of, and no updates will compromise WordPress compatibility.

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