Top 10 Amazon Mechanical Turk or Mturk Alternatives

Amazon Mechanical Turk, or MTurk, is yet one more platform through which to make money or to get smaller online jobs done. It provides individuals and requesters, which refers to businesses, with the crowdsourcing platform through which to trade. The businesses hire somebody to handle all its tasks that require human intelligence. On the other hand, the individuals employ their skills to make money. It is worth stating that MTurk is a product of Amazon. Individuals can make as much as $0.08 for a task that involves looking at an image and describing it in ten words or less. Writing a product review could earn an individual up to $2.50. Here is a list of Mturk alternatives.


As one of the fastest growing websites and a creation of UnikScripts Inc, RapidWorkers ranks as a top 10 alternative to Amazon Mechanical Turk. It shares a number of similarities with MircoWorkers. Most of the jobs here are marketing-oriented. Its interface is a replica of MicroWorkers’. With only a minimum payout amount of $4, the individual who takes any job here and does it well should expect to receive his payment through PayPal immediately.


Leila Janah, who runs a not for profit organization, is the brains behind Samasource, which has emerged as one of the top alternatives to Amazon Mechanical Turk. It runs as a social business, and with its many innovative features, Samasource ensures that impoverished youth and women are able to find work and make money online. Any youth or woman who makes $3 or less per day has a high chance of winning recruitment into this amazing site to make money.


With an interface that resembles that of MTurk, MicroWorkers has emerged one of the best alternatives to Amazon Mechanical Turk. It features thousands of jobs that are available on a daily basis. The tasks found herein are not as complicated as some individuals might believe. Any person who has been able to work and earn at MTurk shall have little tro8uble understanding how this website operates.


This site requires individuals to pass assessment prior to winning the chance to do a specific task to generate an income. The site is home to around 200,000 ClickWorkers.


The individuals working at ShortTask are ‘solvers’. The solvers find work in four different categories, which include research, data entry, writing and design.


With a workforce of more than 60,000 individuals, there is no doubt that Jobboy ranks high as an alternative to MTurk. It has fewer tasks, thus the importance of being fast to pick the best ones and do them quickly before other individuals.


Most tasks here require people with writing skills. Workers can opt to focus on general writing. Workers may focus on marketing writing. Alternatively, focusing on editing previously written work would also earn someone good money.


Workers at CrowdFlowers are called contributors. Contributors need to be fast here seeing that it is one of the largest websites in matters regarding crowdsourcing, with more than 60 million workers.


Crowdtap’s main attraction is the association that it has with some of the biggest brands in the world. Currently, Crowdtap only employs workers based in the US, but it plans to open its doors to international workers soon.


By signing up to MiniJobz, all workers earn $1 as bonus. Payout begins once the worker has earned $5 in his account.

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