The Best Way to Grow Your Email List through Social Media

Your business email list is one of the most important marketing tools because of great potential to drive higher sales. When compared to social media, an email list will help to drive conversions more than 3 times. The value of conversion from a mailing list is also 17% higher; this translates to more sales, more profitability, and higher ROI.

Social media is used by brands to help engage followers, generate content, and build stronger communities. In addition to this, have you ever thought about the value of follower count? One great thing you need to know about is that you can go beyond building a business brand, looking for fans, and followers. You can also use it as the main pillar for building the brand mailing list.

The following are top methods you can use social media to grow the mailing list.

Harvesting emails on Twitter

If your business is active on Twitter, it will not be difficult to make emails and ensure that followers signup on the Lead Generation Cards. To do this, make sure to get a Twitter Ads account and include a credit card file on it. Note that the credit card is only be used when you want to operate paid promotions.

Go to the Lead Gen Card>creative>cards>create lead generation card>lead generation. Then, create a lead gen card by selecting an attractive image and include an enthralling description for people to notice it. Many people will love hitting that follow button. However, move a step ahead and provide a clear reason for them to sign up on the mailing list. Demonstrate this with short, conclusive, and very persuasive benefits for them to join the mailing list.

On Twitter, it is also possible to utilize lead magnet for providing a list of those that have signed up on Twitter. Ensure to carefully host your freebie because it requires the use of URL that makes it easy to follow clients' emails and harvest them. From here, go to card editing>destination and then paste the new URL. Finally, include a post-submit message. Then, tweet the card and add it to the brand profile to make it the first thing every visitor sees on the page.

Use call-to-action on your Facebook

To make your followers make the next action of signing up to the mailing list, buy an item, or share a post, make sure to call the clients to action. Here is how to call to action on Facebook.

  • Pin a signup button: If your brand is very active on Facebook, a signup button with a link to the landing page will be highly effective. To accomplish this, look for creating a call to action>signup and then include a link to your landing page or homepage. Make sure to position the call to action button on the center for all to see, follow your link, and signup on the mailing list.
  • Use an email service provider: To make the signup process possible right on the page, consider engaging an email services provider (ESP) like MailChimp. With an ESP, a signup popup will emerge every time a visitor comes to the page.
  • Include a description and image in the header: When you add images on Facebook, the position for the description is a great area to include a link back to the homepage or landing page to harvest emails.

On Instagram, invite visitors to subscribe to the posts

While many people do not consider Instagram as a great platform for list building, it is still possible to use it to harvest emails. First thing, you need to get a link pointing back to the homepage or profile. Besides, you should include an image to assist promoting lead magnet. You can ask followers to provide their emails when they give comments so that the brand managers can pick them from there.

Use periscope to harvest emails

Periscope is among the fastest rising social media platforms that can be used to creatively harvest emails. To grow the list at Periscope, you can use the following methods;

  • Create and post great content.
  • Call viewers to share posts in their communities.
  • Include freebies in the post and invite followers and audience to get it. Remember to make the freebie easy to download.

Ask your followers to give email addresses on Snapchat

Snapchat is a great channel for harvesting emails when applied creatively. Unlike other channels, Snapchat is addictive because people find it personal and real. Every visitor can easily follow posts to connect and comment.

To get emails from clients on Snapchat, generate top notch content that can attract a lot of clients. Then, ask followers to give their comments, and enjoy the freebie. However, make signing up part of the process of accessing the freebie. To engage more people and have them signup, make sure to include a welcome email for all followers who subscribe to emails.

On Pinterest, utilize opt-in freebies

To harvest emails on Pinterest, it is important to remain consistent in creating and sharing posts with top content on blogs. In every post that you are sharing, utilize vertical images and mention about your freebies. This will help to drive huge traffic to the page, and you can easily convert to your mailing list. To get even more signups on the mailing list, join different Pinterest group boards and create top notch content as consistently as possible to engage the followers. After becoming completely conversant with Pinterest, proceed to the next step and utilize BoraBooster that helps to schedule pins and refine all your boards.

Use webinars and share it on social media

When you organize for a webinar, the first rule that attendants have to adhere to is subscribing using email addresses. Since webinars target specific audiences, the emails you harvest are very quality and can drive a lot of sales. For example, if you are marketing an online security product, those interested will include sites owners, people in e-commerce, and blog owners among others will subscribe. Therefore, it is prudent to be very professional to get as many emails as possible to grow the brand rapidly.

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