How to use Google Trends to Gain a Competitive Edge

From the search for new products on e-commerce websites to content ideas, users of Google Trends have been growing progressively. In this post, we cover the core benefits that you will accrue for using Google Trends

What exactly is Google Trends? This is a tool that helps webmasters to compare the popularity of various search terms and trends. With its different features, the trend allows the user to get a better understanding of the latest trends to build on popularity with time.

Using Google Trends? One thing you must know at this point is that Google Trend is free. You only need to navigate to Google Trend to have a look at the dashboard and key features you can apply.

How to use Google trends

The potential uses for Google Trends are endless. However, here is a short guide on how to use Google Trends to benefit your business.

Helping to understand the target audience

Because Google is the most popular in online circles, many view it as an institution as opposed to a simple search engine. By using the trend, Google allows the search data to be very indicative of public interest and opinion. This can be used to a business advantage to understand how the public perceives your products and brand.

If you were using Google Trends, it would be great to know how the industry has changed, where it is now, and the position of the brand.

Go to Google Trends and commence with the basics. You only include a few phrases that are considered indicative of varying opinions to get a comprehensive overview. The search will generate graphs on various trends that can be compared over time. Note that the keyword will be worldwide. However, if your target is a specific region, it is advisable to include the name of the city or region.

You will be able to tell how social media, SEO and Adwords performed in the market for the last couple of years. For example, you can easily tell from Google Trends that SEO and paid searches are more popular compared to email marketing. However, the trend points to the growing popularity of social media.

Using Google Trends to identify products for an e-commerce site

Today, e-commerce stores have taken over the conventional marketplace. However, getting ample products to stock the store has never been easy. With Google Trends, it is easy to follow the most popular products and stock them. For example, a new e-commerce owner seeking to sell headsets would search for variations in the Google Trends.

You will be able to tell whether an item has been very popular and make a decision whether to stock it or not. For example, Reality Headsets have not been very popular, but they are gaining ground and will be very important in the coming years. Therefore, it is very important to stock them.

Note that Google Trends can also be used to identify products that follow regular trends. For example, you can learn about suntan products that are common in summer. Such seasonal products can help to grow sales and profits with a huge margin in a very short moment.

Note that users can also take the search a step ahead to look for related products and topics to fill the store. This is very important because it is possible to focus on a wider customer base and sustain high-profit margins.

How to use Google trends to understand the competitors

Knowing the popularity of the competitors is very important. On the News Headline Feature, it is possible to monitor the popularity of competitors in conjunction with good and bad stories.

If you searched for competitors and the trend indicates they are peaking in popularity, it is the time to start finding out how they managed to achieve it. The news headlines box is a fast and comprehensive way of telling whether competitors are ahead or trailing you. Then, you can relook at the marketing strategies to establish what is or not working.

Generating content ideas using Google Trends

The success of an applied marketing strategy is dependent on the content you create. However, this content must also be timely and targeted at a particular audience. By searching around Google trend, you can easily understand what exactly people are talking about, their interests, and the content they cherish.

If your competitor’s content is always going viral, you have to carry additional research to determine the tactics he applies. You can also follow this from the news headline section.

Google Trends has also become an enthralling tool for some fun in marketing. If you are simply suspicious about various trends in the industry, the trend will be an eye opener. You can take a deeper look into the industry to remain on top of the marketing strategy and be the first to note when the market starts drifting away. This is the moment to initiate changes, redefine the marketing strategy, and ensure you are ahead of others.

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