WordPress vs Joomla – Which is better for SEO?

Technical expertise is highly advisable with regard to running an ecommerce with plenty of SEO features. Ecommerce websites should adhere to SEO principles. The platforms on which most websites run include Joomla and WordPress. Interestingly, WordPress runs more than 61,279,000 websites. Building a perfect SEO-based website is crucial for any online business. The choice between WordPress and Joomla depends on the ease with which the admin can configure the website for SEO. Therefore, consider this issue when deliberating on how much work, or lack thereof, the admin shall have.

joomla vs wordpress

In the past, the choice between the two would hinge not only on the tool that gave the admin easier work, but also on out-of-the-box features. On the other hand, the world has changed somewhat and the focus these days is on new SEO strategies such as useful and relevant. Other strategies include engaging and interesting. When designing any website with SEO in mind, ensure that it adheres to these four strategies. Therefore, in choosing between WordPress and Joomla, test each one using the SEO strategies mentioned herein. The tool that comes out on top based on the four strategies would be ideal for using in building SEO-based website.

In the past, SEO was all about relying heavily on keywords. This has changed a great deal. These days, the SEO-based websites are not overly reliant on keyword placement. It is all about content. Therefore, when choosing the best tool, go for the one that makes content interesting and engaging easily. When it comes to website, content is still king. Ignoring content is a recipe for disaster. The relevance and usefulness of content is a vital issue that an ecommerce website must observe. Therefore, ask the web designer to choose the platform that makes it easier to include interesting, engaging and relevant content on the website.

Web designers who prefer WordPress cite the fact that it performs favorably in terms of optimizing SEO for users. WordPress is also very attractive because it contains numerous helpful plugins. WordPress contains some of the most SEO-friendly plugins in the industry today. Two of the most common plugins include All in One Pack and Yoast. With these plugins, optimizing the website for SEO becomes that much easier. In fact, a person with very limited knowledge on SEO optimization can do a stellar job with these plugins. With WordPress, the creation of tags for posts is much easier.

Joomla is not horrible for creating SEO-friendly websites. However, instead of plugins, it provides users with extensions. However, it would be impossible to use Joomla if unprepared to give it the care and attention that it needs to build SEO-friendly websites. The success of SEO-based website built using Joomla depends on its arrangement and other factors. The pages on such a website need to be set up properly, if the site is to rank very highly. Although the tool contains a number of SEO-optimization functionalities, without technical expertise, extending them becomes nightmarish. Joomla requires technical expertise, but WordPress does not.

Check the infographic below for more detailed comparison.

WordPress v Joomla - Infographic by Red Giant Design

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