How to Answer Quora Questions to Drive Traffic

Quora has cut itself a niche in online marketing riding on credibility compared to others like Yahoo Answers. When you ask a question, the experts who answer it have the opportunity to explain who they are and even ascertain their data authority. Quora has become a pitching tent for marketers who want to drive traffic. Here is an account of how to drive traffic using Quora.

Learn about your areas of strength

Top answers with high potential on Quora, talk from an authoritative point of view. The replier must be a person that the community can trust. Make sure to go deep into your resources base and understand them to make followers get what they want and keep coming back. Always note you can have vast knowledge about a subject but fail to command authority. The best area to focus on is your business niche, history, hobbies, and interest. Well, even within the niche, make sure to answer questions on a narrower specialty or brand. For example, if your area is fitness, you might focus on weight management, Yoga, or another specialty. Never forget to include some form of verification that users can follow to confirm the facts.

Look for questions in the areas of strength

Once you have found the area of strength and interest, check which Quora has an appropriate opportunity. Make sure not to simply focus on giving answers, but use Quora as a platform for content marketing where content is in the form of answers.

How to Answer Quora Questions to Drive Traffic

Quora is very enthralling because of high flexibility. You only need to give narrow answers and redirect followers to your page for extra data. Therefore, all traffic and referrals will be redirected to your page to get higher ranking on search engines. Remember that this can only work when the info you use answers the questions properly.

Look for questions with over 1000 views and weak answers

What questions will help to drive traffic? The appropriate queries you should apply to drive a lot of traffic are those with great interest. Here, you should consider questions that have hit over 1000 views, very recent, and highly relevant. If you use timeworn questions, it will be tough to get significant traffic because the questions and even answers are no longer relevant. Check on the right questions, generate longer, more detailed, and more importantly, make the answers better than what others are providing. Well, note one thing; the Quora will not drive huge traffic overnight. You need to be patient to build on followers and get more votes.

Answer direct queries on Quora

Once you begin answering questions on Quora and establish yourself as an authority, followers will start sending direct questions. This is a great milestone because it demonstrates how authoritative your page, post, or site is. Give the best answers and refer all visitors to your page for higher traffic. However, you need to be careful when handling direct requests by avoiding taking a lot of time or getting too personal because it can easily bring negative ROI.

Answer questions with more details, images, data, and links

Ensure to provide all clients with lots of high-quality info. If the questions are theory based, give conclusive theoretical answers. However, many questions demand that you provide supporting data and images. The additional info will make the answers more authoritative while images make the posts more outstanding. Lastly, include a link to assist you justifying the answers for users to countercheck facts. Remember that the link should look professional and not appear being too promotional.

Answer question personally and analyze traffic

When clients ask questions, they want to get the conversational sense in every answer. Therefore, respond to questions as a person and not a business or brand. The great thing with this is that you can add a personal description such as your title. For example, you will be able to include ‘CEO, Multimedia International’ if that is your position in the company. The name is hyperlinked or a link is added alongside to redirect it to your post or page.

For every online marketing effort, remember to include some analytics. In Quora, you need to evaluate how effectively it is driving traffic and the rate of success. You can use Google Analytics or set up other funnel tracking apps to know the traffic coming to the page from Quora. If your Quora is only achieving very small traffic, review your strategy to ensure that you become an authority.


Understanding how Quora works, selecting the area of strength, and answering questions professionally will transform you into an authority. People are always looking for more informative answers, referring others, and coming back because you are a leader in the niche. Remember to keep answering questions in your niche to sustain high traffic to your site.

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