Blogger vs WordPress

blogger vs wordpress

Blogger and WordPress are two of the most well known and established platforms for publishing content online. Despite the huge differences between the two platforms, it’s common for newbie to feel confused regarding the one to use. This is why the debate regarding Blogger vs WordPress isn’t about to end anytime soon. To decide between … Read more

How to find Royalty Free Stock Images for your websites

free stock images

Images grab the attention of the reader and help to effectively convey messages. That a picture is worth a thousand words cannot be understated, especially for webmasters and bloggers. However, one of the most common dilemmas for bloggers and webmasters is how to find that perfect picture for their site, and find it royalty free. … Read more

Tools to Find Long Tail Keywords for Targeted Traffic

Tools to Find Long Tail Keywords

As an SEO expert or a beginner, you are probably familiar with the benefits of using long-tail keywords. Just to highlight a few, long-tail keywords break down the subject that a user seeks results from the search engine. On the other hand, short-tail keywords are way too broad and can hold different meanings depending on … Read more

Content Distribution Platforms

content distribution network

Content distribution networks or content distribution platforms refer to traffic exchange products which entail a publisher hosting a content widget with links to the contents created by another publisher from another website. Creation of great and appealing content is just an aspect of digital marketing, and to make it effective, presence of audience is very … Read more

How to find Broken Links on Huge Websites and Blogs

find broken links

The 404 error page is one of the most annoying things online. It is bad for search engine ranking, and gives the website a bad reputation as far as user experience is concerned. There are many tools and websites which can help webmasters find and fix broken links on their WebPages and blogs. For instance, … Read more

How to Generate Blog Topic Ideas

How to Generate Blog Topic Ideas

Coming up with a topic or title for your blog post can surely be very tricky. It is a challenge to write new titles all the time and you may find yourself stuck. So what can you do to solve the problem? At times, you just need a little inspiration to get going. HubSpot’s Blog … Read more

CAPTCHA alternatives

CAPTCHA Alternatives

CAPTCHAs are basically designed to prevent spam. Companies spend millions of dollars every year dealing with the spread of spam. Spam can be presented in the form of: offensive or unwanted comment on your blog, undesirable email and bad sign-ups on your site. CAPTCHA has been used to combat this problem. Essentially, it is designed … Read more

Reasons for Not Using CAPTCHAs

Reasons for Not Using CAPTCHAs

CAPTCHA, as you know is usually used to confirm that a form was submitted by a human, not a robot. It is a technique used by computers to tell whether it is interacting with a human or a spam bot. Since computing is becoming widespread, the need for increased levels of online security has resulted … Read more