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ClickFunnels has become a major alternative that many people are opting to LeadPages. However, is it worth? It provides greater stability, and the funnel compared to competitor platforms and is easy to use while templates are editable. It is, therefore, a top competitor for LeadPages. This is a comprehensive review of ClickFunnels that establishes its operations to help users make the right decision whether to go for it or stay with LeadPages among others.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is among the latest products for selling products and getting an enthralling online experience developed by Brunson Russel. While many competitors only make it possible to create and use standalone pages, it is different with ClickFunnels.

Funnels are series of pages that visitors have to go through to reach their goal. It may comprise of 2 different pages that help in collecting email of visitors and also send them to the thank you page when one is signing up. Users can also create sophisticated funnels comprising of several pages that sell via each page. Besides, they could have more complex sales funnels which are made up of multiple pages and sell to a visitor through each step of the funnel.

ClickFunnels makes it easier to create pages

The user can easily create the following to enhance traffic, customer experience, and transformation.

  • Lead capture funnels for picking email addresses of visitors to help grow the mailing list.
  • Sales page funnels to help sell services and products. These funnels have the ability to raise downsells/upsells to the business sale process.
  • Webinar funnels are very useful for assisting people to sign up and register for a webinar.
  • Membership funnels are used when people want to create a recurring membership for regular income.

ClickFunnels has distinctive templates and editor to make funnels more attractive

They have distinctive templates so that users can pick and go within minutes. They also have an editor that makes it easy to begin from scratch and build your pages.

With the ClickFunnels’ editor, you can do the following;

  • Put together several pages in the funnel of choice using point and click mode.
  • There is no coding required. Anybody can use the editor because everything is live and designs change in real time.
  • The editor brings the flexibility of creating pages that you cannot get in LeadPages. For example, it is easy to create and edit templates as well as move elements to the location of choice on a page.

How to get started when you Choose ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels has moved a step ahead to ensure that every person gets to a great start. They provide short introductory videos that make even people who have never thought of web development act like pros. In just 10 minutes, the video demonstrates how the entire ClickFunnels operates and why you should use it.

Making a funnel

Making the first funnel is very easy by simply clicking Add Funnels that takes you to all the funnel types available. For people who might have problems at this stage, an additional short video is available to demonstrate. Select the choice of the funnel and you will be prompted to give it a name. For example, if you select a sales funnel, you are going to get something like this.

In case you get to a point and think of removing the funnels, simply click the big X next to the page you are creating. Every page in the funnel has several templates with professional designs and more continue being added. You can, therefore, expect to get better templates in future.

Creating your template

If you check on the templates and find none of them matches what you want, it very easy to create your own. Simply pick any template and delete all the sections in it. A typical template will contain a header, content section, and footer part. For sales pages, you might have an additional part for business testimonials.

The main objective of ClickFunnels is supporting as many designs as possible. All the sections are divided into unique column rows, and the user can select whether to use 1-6 columns. Inside every column, insert all the ClickFunnels elements you want.

Common widgets in the click funnel are the Headline, Text, Image, Input Forms, Buttons, and elements for videos.

It also has more advanced elements including SMS Signup, Facebook Comments, Survey, Pricing Table, FAQ Blocks, Video Unlocker, Custom HTML, and Countdown Timers.
As you click on any row and element, it gets highlighted and hitting the editor gives you the chance to change the properties. You can change the templates background margins, colors, alignment, fonts and even URL of the image.

Other options when using click funnels

Striking the balance between ease of use and flexibility is quite remarkable with ClickFunnels. For people selling products, ClickFunnels support Clickbank, InfusionSoft, and Backpack CRM. However, if you are not interested in any of these, it is important to use Stripe integration because it is free to sign up and using.

After creating the Stripe account, simply follow the instructions so that they are linked to the ClickFunnels’ account. When a visitor comes to your page via the funnel, it will be easy to get payment from customers.


In addition to assisting you to establish pages in the sales funnel, it also assists in tracking how every page is performing. At the top of every page, it will be possible to track in real-time the visitors on the page, the number of clicks, and conversion rates. Also, you will get a demonstration in the graph for easier interpretation.

To assist you to get higher conversion rates, ClickFunnels also features split testing. You can click the Split Test tab to see various statistics. Besides, you can also see a button to set up a New Split Test. A great way is cloning the present page and tweaking it from there.
One major undoing of ClickFunnels is that it lacks enough advanced features for split testing. This is one area the designer must improve on to make the user experience more enthralling.


There are three price tiers for ClickFunnels;

  • Personal tier: This plan goes for $ 37 every month and has a lot of limitations. The user can only create Optin Funnels.
  • Starter plan: It costs $97/month and offers the user all the ClickFunnel’s functionalities so that a user can establish up to 20 funnels, 1000 pages and get 20,000 visitors.
  • Enterprise plan is just like the starter plan, but it comes with priority support, template requests, and higher limits of 70 funnels, 300 pages, and 100,000 visitors. The cost of this plan is $297/month.

ClickFunnels Pro

  • Very easy to create and complete funnel workflows depending on personal preferences
  • Editor balances help to ease using the templates with flexibility
  • Integrates well with most email and payment providers so that you can sell and direct money to your personal or business account
  • The templates ate lovely for every funnel to both the user and visitors
  • Good training sessions in the form of texts and videos. They also have regular webinars
  • New features are constantly added so that users can enjoy enhanced applications and appearance
  • 14 days trial period for users to check and even compare with others

ClickFunnels Cons

  • Comparably expensive especially to new startups
  • Limitation on number of funnels even on higher price plans
  • Their split testing is very basic


ClickFunnels have demonstrated that while many people were previously used to other platforms, their mode is equally enthralling. The process of using the templates, progressive support, and flexibility is truly enthralling. Despite the few shortcomings of cost and funnels limitations, this is a great platform to use for enhanced traffic generation and giving users an ecstatic moment on your pages.


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