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Is your digital marketing campaign/s bearing the anticipated results? If you answer is in the negative, you might need to look at on-page search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. One of the leading pieces of software in the market for on-page SEO is Cora SEO Software. It was designed to offer a data-driven approach to help you succeed in SEO marketing.

The software works by looking at multiple factors that correlate with site/ page ranking for a selected number of keywords. It accomplishes this by following more than 540 ranking factors depending on the first 100 results for the selected search term. Using this data, Cora SEO Software generates a roadmap that you can use to get better ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).

This post is a comprehensive review of Cora SEO Software to evaluate its features, pricing, and ease of use. The review also provides a summary of pros and cons to help you make the right decision of whether or not to use the tool for your SEO.

How does Cora SEO Software Work?

Cora SEO software was developed by Ted Kubaitis, the founder and CEO of SEO Tool Lab. To use the tool, you are required to start by visiting the SEO Tool Lab and creating a user account. Then, you have to download the Cora SEO Software and install it on your computer or tablet.

Cora SEO Software

The design of Cora was aimed at providing you with an easy to use platform to help you scan your site pages and pull out improvement reports easily. For example, once you have installed the software on your system, you are ready to start scanning your website by simply selecting the targeted area such as domains and adding the targeted keywords.

When you initiate a query, Cora SEO Software operates by pulling data on what is happening right away on different search engines. Besides, it mainly focuses on the leading competitors so that its recommendations can help your site/ page to win higher ranking.


To know if an SEO tool is good for you, it is important to start by exploring the main features. Cora SEO Software packs impressive features that allow you to scan your site and generate reports for improvement. Here are some of these features:

Competitor Analysis

This is perhaps the most notable feature of Cora SEO Software and forms the primary basis of its operations. The software compares your website, keywords, content, and raking with the top 100 top brands on SERPs. Then, it generates useful recommendations that should be used to get on top of the search engine pages.

Keyword Research

Determining the keywords to use on areas such as tags, title, meta-descriptions, and reviews can be an uphill task. However, Cora SEO Software makes it easy by checking the most effective keywords that you should also use for better ranking. It also provides the recommended number of times that you should use the keywords to avoid overstuffing.

Site Audit

Though SEO is a broad area, you have to ensure that all the components are working well. For example, you have to check for issues on your links, errors, content, tags and other components of your site. With Cora SEO Software, you can easily audit all aspects of your site and get top-notch recommendations for improvements.


Unlike other SEO tools that try to breakdown their pricing into different plans, Cora SEO software only uses one plan. You only have the option of paying $250 per month to use this tool. This payment model comes with no contracts or attachments. This means that once you have downloaded the software, you can opt out at will.

While this is indeed straightforward, it could be a major undoing because users who can only manage lower amounts such as $20 or $30 per month are locked out. The high cost could mean that Cora SEO Software is indeed meant for large businesses and SEO agencies as opposed to small enterprises or startups

Pros and Cons of Cora SEO Software

To use Cora SEO Software, it is important to go through the main pros and cons that give its position in the niche in relation to competitors. Here is a summary of these pros and cons that you should know:


  • Cora SEO Software uses a lot of indicators that generate accurate results to help increase your website ranking.
  • The software allows you to analyze your website very fast, identify its deficiencies, and generate workable solutions that you can use to rectify the issues.
  • The tool compares your pages with top ranking sites to ensure you get the best recommendations that can help you to improve ranking.
  • The SEO tool links you with other top tools such as Ahref and SEMrush to help with off page data.


  • The Cora SEO software is complicated to understand and use. It is largely suited for SEO agencies that have pros digital marketers as opposed to starters.
  • Unlike other tools such as SEOprofiler that can be easily accessed and used online, you are required to download and install Cora SEO Software in your computer to access its features.
  • The software is very expensive. The pricing of $250 per month is really high, especially for starters.
  • The details on how the Cora SEO Software operates and its key features are scanty. This works to the advantage of competitors such as Serpstat that comprehensively demonstrate how their systems work.


To succeed in SEO and digital marketing, it is prudent to have an appropriate tool that is easy to use and packs the right features. Cora SEO Software came out as a carefully engineered tool that can help you to easily scan your site and compare it with higher ranking options in the market. Despite this and its impressive recommendations for a higher ranking, the cost of the tool is prohibitive.

On a yearly basis, a business will be required to use about $3000 which is rather high when compared to others such as SEOprofiler that only requires $828 on its cheapest plan. Therefore, it is better to compare the Cora SEO Software with other top options such as SEOprofiler and Serpstat before subscribing to its plans.


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