What is Google Remarketing and why you should be using it?

What is Google Remarketing and why you should be using it?

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google remarketing

In this century, many people are using the internet for various reasons. Some could be searching for products and services. This has made many businesses formulate internet advertising strategies, Google re-marketing being one of them. This is a great tool for increasing the conversion rates and improving brand awareness online. It lets you show adverts to people who have previously visited your website as they are surfing.

Google AdWords could be your re-targeting tool. This is because Google is very popular hence you will be in touch with many audiences who will view your site. Some will convert and the rest need to be re-targeted.

google remarketing

Google Analytics

It provides data and metrics that you can use to create lists of your visitors and automatically share with AdWords to be shown across Google Display Network. With it you can:

  • Offer special promotions to visitors from specific locations
  • Select the visitors who purchased from you and show them adverts for companion and accessories for the products they bought
  • Create list of visitors who added items to cart but did not check out

Types of Google remarketing

Standard remarketing: This shows adverts to your past visitors while browsing Display Network websites.
Dynamic remarketing: This displays dynamic ads to your previous visitors. The ads have products and services they viewed on your website.
Remarketing lists for search ads: Shows adverts to your past visitors as they are doing follow-up searches on what they need after leaving your website.
Video remarketing: Shows adverts to people who viewed your videos on YouTube.
Remarketing for mobile apps: Shows adverts to people who used your mobile app when they are browsing on other mobile websites.

why use remarketing

Why use remarketing?

Cost effective

You can create successful remarketing campaigns using automated bid strategies. These strategies will calculate the optimal bid for people viewing your adverts, enabling you to win ad auction with the best price.

It is easy to create ads

You can create display ads that incorporate texts, images and videos. This is easily done using the free Google Display Ad Builder. You can customize the ads for your business.

Visibility of ads

You will be able to see how your remarketing campaigns are performing, where the ads are being shown and the price you are going to pay.

Better timing

You can reach people when they are most likely to buy from you. This could be when they are visiting other websites and when they are using other mobile apps. AdWords provide timely touch points to drive people back your website when they are engaged.

Large-scale reach

You can reach the people on your remarketing list as they are using the Google search and as they are browsing on other websites and mobile apps that are part of Google Display Network.


Higher remarketing will mean more costs will be incurred. To keep the costs low, you need to use remarketing tags with contextual targeting, conversion filtering and frequency capping. This will create highly targeted campaigns and increase the relevancy of your adverts.

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