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LeadPages is one of the most unique solutions that marketers use to get fast results in generating from their pages. The user only requires signing up and everything else is fast and easy. Many people have indicated the emerging alternatives that are making them to keep drawing comparisons with LeadPages. In this article, a comprehensive review of LeadPages is provided to help people make the right decision about platform and whether to stay or move to others in order to maintain higher traffic, interact with visitors easily, and get more conversions.
What exactly is LeadPages?
It is a Drag-and-drop software tool used by marketers to do the following;
• Come up with top landing pages for courses, webinars, books and other services
• Develop pop-ups
• Create email sigh-up forms to grow mailing list faster.
• Provide ethical bribes necessary to help convert visitors into customers or leads
The key thing about LeadPages is the ease of use because marketers need less than 5 minutes to come up with a landing page that could otherwise have taken many hours. Besides, changing the templates is as easy as a click and they are fully integrated with common email services providers such as AWeber, InfusionSoft, and MailChimp. For those using WordPress, LeadPages connects via plugin while others need to use formatted HTML
Creating Landing Pages
One thing that distinguishes LeadPages from others is that every user is sure of being able to make landing pages that look awesome. Here, no designing skills are required because all the templates have been worked on and pretested to guarantee users great results. The templates come with an easy to use editor so that you can rework on every component to fit your page. For example, it is very easy to customize the template’s fonts, colors, images, and videos.

The only disadvantage with LeadPages is inflexibility. The user is bound by the templates and cannot add, move, or delete any of the elements provided in the templates. Despite this, the template helps to keep your learning curve as simple as possible and making it run is easy and fast. It will not be an exaggeration to indicate that getting a landing page using LeadPages can take less than 10 minutes.
A closer Look at LeadPages Templates
LeadPages remain outstanding because of the many templates that users can pick from. Notably, the templates keep growing every month so that the options are expanded. They have a perfect template for every type of situation or business.
• Welcome pages
• Thank you pages
• Webinar pages
• Launching pages
They also have more advanced templates to help marketers who want great FB Landing pages, About Me Pages, Content Pages, and Podcast pages among others. Every template comes with lovely designs made by experts such as Jeff Walker and Flynn Pat. Their system comprises of templates offered at a cost ranging from $7. Besides, people with designing skills can also try their hands selling templates to make extra cash.
Lead Boxes
While there are a lot of other products in the market that can assist with adding popups, the easiest is Leadboxes. Leadboxes can be set to popup after a specific time or after a number of specific page views. Others are designed to pop up when a client appears to be leaving your page.
The commonest method applied when launching any LeadBox is the 2-step optin. In this option, the visitor is required to click a specific button so that a pop up can appear.

LeadBoxes have proven to be very useful when it comes to upgrading content. When LeadPages’ lead magnet is applied with leadBoxes, they help to upgrade content faster. It is because of this that most content upgrades use LeadPages.
The downside of this is that there is only one Leadbox template that makes all LeadBoxes appear similar. This could make your pages to appear very similar in many respects to those of others.
LeadPages integration and third party support
LeadPages provide users with a couple of options that assist to integrate the site. For those using WordPress, LeadPages can be installed from connector Plugin. It allows the user to access varying landing pages as well as LeadBoxes you have established from the control panel of the WordPress.

• The user can, therefore, set the landing pages as common pages in WordPress with individual customized URL on the website. In the case of LeadBoxes, the Plugin helps to create link with the LeadBox you developed.
• If using a non-WordPress site, it is also possible to link using LeadPages. For example, if your website is HTML based, you only require copying the HTML code from the landing page to the site.
• The landing pages can be hosted on the LeadPages. However, this has a disadvantage in that it is the URL address of the LeadPage that will be used as oppose to that of your site.
• LeadPages provides support to every type of email
Other LeadPages features
Though LeadBoxes and landing pages are the main reasons that more people prefer to use it, it also have more features that people find equally useful.
(i) LeadDigits: This is a feature that makes it easy to collect emails from clients using texts. For example, if you are on a seminar and meet potential clients, it sounds awkward to direct people to your site to get your number. However, getting them to text a keyword to the LeadDigit number makes them get a prompt reply requesting them to be part of your list. It is a great method to invite members even in other forums and platforms like Youtube and whitepapers.
(ii) The Affiliate Program: LeadPages provides one of the best affiliate programs with payment of up to 30% of recurring commission on the sales made. For instance Pat Flynn earns over $7k every month promoting LeadPages. Pat finds it very easy when promoting it because of extensive social proof from those who use the platform. It also comes with $38 million in VC funding that gives clients assurance that it is there to stay and not a one night thing.
(iii) Pricing: When it comes to pricing, LeadPages has a complicated structure with some features being attached to charge tiers. Therefore, make sure to check on their pricing page in order to know the thing you are getting into. The focus is to encourage people pay for a full year or two which also comes with saving or up to 40%.
• Standard pricing begins at $37/month and provides Landing pages and LeadBoxes. However, it lacks other features such as split testing, access affiliate programs, and lead digits.
• Pro Pricing provides all access to landing pages, LeadBoxes, LeadDigits, and the affiliate programs.
• Advanced yearly tier provides users with sub accounts as well as template importing feature at $199 a month (however, it is paid as a single yearly payment).
LeadPages have made it easy to customize pages and make online marketing easy, fast, and fun. It is very important particularly when it comes to content upgrading methods, and testing landing pages. Despite other new competitors emerging in the market, LeadPages is no doubt a great leader that will continue helping businesses, individuals, and other entities enjoy their marketing online.

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