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To succeed in the search engine optimization (SEO) field, perhaps the most important thing is the set of tools that assist marketers, webmasters, and site owners carry various functions. They help with tasks such as tracking keywords, link analysis and reviewing competitors. But using multiple tools from different vendors for your SEO campaigns is cumbersome, and indeed expensive.
Think of a situation where you have to use SerpBook to track keywords, BuzzSumo to study competitors, and Google Keyword Planner for keyword research. It is never easy! That is why Mangools was created. It is a suite of tools designed to help make SEO professionals’ operations easy, fast, and fun. This post digs into Mangools to find out how it works so that you can make the right decision on using it.

What is Mangools?

Mangools is a suite of SEO tools that was started in 2014 when it launched the first tool, KWFinder. After that, Mangools team added four more tools to make it a comprehensive 5-suite SEO service. Here is the complete list of the tools:

  • KWFinder
  • SERPChecker
  • SERPWatcher
  • LinkMiner
  • SiteProfiler

When designing Mangools, the primary goal of the developer was to provide SEO and digital marketers with an easy-to-use platform for simplifying their work. It has not disappointed. Its meteoritic growth in the last few years has heralded a paradigm shift for SEO tools developers. Single SEO tools are fast ebbing out as developers put efforts to consolidate more and deliver them to marketers as suites.

The Main Mangools Features

The primary thing that has made Mangools stand out from competitors such as BuzzSumo and SerpBook is its rich features. Here are some of them:


When creating an SEO strategy, one of the crucial components is keyword research. If you fail to get the right keywords tools, the strategy is likely to fall apart. KWFinder was the first tool designed by Mangools in 2014. This keyword research tool is simplified to make picking the right keywords easy and fun.

KWFinder Review

To use the tool, you simply type the keyword/ phrase, select the targeted country, and pick the preferred language. When you hit find keywords, the tool suggests more than 200 key phrases. Every key phrase generated by KWFinder comes with the following analysis results.

  • Search volume trend over the last twelve months
  • Average search volume in the past year
  • The mean cost per click based on Google Adwords
  • The keyword SEO difficulty.
  • The keyword’s competition in pay-per-click as depicted in Google Adwords

This analysis helps you to easily sort the most relevant keywords for your campaign. To use the tool effectively, consider filtering the keywords based on volume first and then filter them based on difficulty.


This is another very helpful tool for your SEO strategy. The tool allows the SEO marketer to analyze the nature of content that visitors see when they key specific keywords. While the KWFinder provides the links to what visitors see in search engines, the SERPChecker makes it possible to dig deeper.

SERPChecker Review

Like the KWFinder, using the SERPChecker only requires you to enter the keywords and click analyze. The data is generated from the analysis captures a lot of details ranging from Facebook shares to domain rating. You can also check the websites and articles related to the keyed keyword. For marketers running SEO campaigns for clients, the SERPChecker allows them to also publish results.

One notable thing about SERPChecker is that the data is carefully presented and easy to understand. The tool is straightforward and, therefore, a reliable helping hand to make SEO campaign to deliver the anticipated results.


To succeed in digital marketing, it is paramount to track all your SEO campaigns. This is why having a tracker such as SERPWatcher comes in handy to levering your SEO efforts. The tracker allows marketers to follow multiple websites and know how they are performing in real-time.

SERPWatcher Review

To start tracking your sites using the SERPWatcher is very straightforward. You navigate through the Mangools site to the SERPWatcher section and add the respective site domain followed by keywords. That is all you need. On the SERPWatcher dashboard, you can view how your website/s is doing depending on the provided keywords. See the demonstration in the diagram below:

The SERPWatch is preferred by marketers because it not only allows them to check the performance of their sites, but to also calculate the Dominance Index. This is the indicator that gauges a site’s visibility and relevance in search engines.

With the SERPWatch tool, you can go ahead and gauge other parameters including the actual performance of the keywords used in the SEO marketing campaigns. This tool covers almost everything that you need to know to strengthen a marketing campaign. Note the convenience of accessing all the info in one interface.


In SEO marketing, the ranking that a website gets on SERPs is based on parameters such as content and speed. Another crucial component used to rank sites is site links. When you have more links pointing at your site, it is viewed as an authority and the ranking goes up. Mangools LinkMiner is a tool designed to help analyze your site’s links.

LinkMiner Review

To use the LinkMiner, you simply need to enter the URL of the website. When you click find backlinks, the tool follows all the links that pointed at your site. The analysis is provided together with statistics like Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Referring domains, Referring IPs, and Total backlinks.

The most important link assessment metrics offered by LinkMiner are Citation Flow and Trust flow. Others include Link strength, Alexa rank, number of external links from the page, and Facebook shares.

The primary goal of LinkMiner is pulling out the pages that link to your website so that you can run additional analysis via SERPChecker. However, the tool will also tell you the links that you have lost within a specific period. From this, you can work towards improving and retaining the links to your pages.

Another impressive thing about this tool is that you can filter the backlinks to know those that came from Blogs, Q&A, and other forums. This is crucial because you can put more efforts on the platforms that are bearing results. If you have also been using a single platform to build backlinks, you could also consider diversifying to grow authority in your niche.


One trick that SEO marketers have to master in the highly competitive industry is analyzing what competitors are doing. This should go together with own site analysis. The Mangools SiteProfiler was designed to help you stalk competitor’s websites and create better strategies.

SiteProfiler Review

SiteProfiler tool helps marketers to get crucial domain authority metrics such as Page Authority, Trust Flow, and Citation Flow in one place. One special thing about this tool is that it shows the Anchor Texts Box. This means that you can know the exact anchor text that competitors are using. Then, you can go ahead and craft a better anchor text.

The tool further helps to identify the anchor text that is common in your industry. This is crucial because you will not be left behind as others ride in a specific high-value anchor text. Well, you can join them or become a trendsetter by crafting the next best anchor text that will define the industry.

Other details about your competitors that you can get using this tool include link type distribution and Active Links Ration. To succeed in SEO marketing, you cannot take the eyes off the competitors. SiteProfiler helps you to stalk competitors to know what they are doing differently and stay ahead of them by creating better strategies.

Browser Extension

Though the first five features discussed in this review are the most pronounced, they are not the only ones. One additional and equally important feature is the browser extension. The extension helps you get all the details about the targeted website promptly.

To use the extension, the first step is installing it on your browser. Then, you can use it directly without having to open the Mangools website regularly. You will simply be hitting the extension on the browser to access all the details of interest.

Today, Mangools offers free extensions for both Firefox and Google Chrome. The unique thing about the extensions is the context menu that pops up when you right click. Instead of copying a keyword and shifting to KWFinder so that you can paste it, this extension allows you to right-click and select KWFinder right away. Awesome!

You can go ahead and pull out more options by clicking Mangools SEO. For example, you can see URL profile, backlinks URL, domain profile, and backlink of the domain. See the caption below:

Note that though only a few points about extensions are captured here, you can actually do everything just like when you have a full Mangools. This means you can test the domain strength, sniff competitor keywords, and spot common on-page SEO mistakes.

Customer Support

When a firm enters into a market, one way of establishing its commitment to customer value is looking at customer support. For Mangools, one of the core goals is creating a satisfied customer base and turning it into a community. To achieve this, Mangools uses multiple channels of communication to make it easy for all clients to get prompt replies.

The main communication channel of Mangools is the email. The company requires its clients to write inquiries and send them via the company email. Besides, it has a comprehensive knowledge base and FAQ page that people can use to learn about the services offered by Mangools.

Though these channels are satisfactory because replies via email are fast and the knowledge base is very comprehensive, lack of a direct phone line or live chat is considered a major undoing for the company.

The Mangools Pricing Plans

To reach and cater for a wide range of clients, Mangools services are offered in three main user plans: basic, premium and agency.

Basic plan: This is the cheapest plan at Mangools that is recommended for starters. It goes for $29.90/ month and has all the features available in the premium and agency plans. However, the frequency of using these features is relatively lower compared to the higher plans. For example, you can only conduct 100 keyword searches using KWFinder every 24 hours on the basic plan while the agency plan allows 1200 searches.

Premium plan: This plan is the middle option at Mangools offered at $39.90/month. It is recommended for webmasters or marketers who run a couple of websites. It has all the features available in the agency plan but the rate of using them is relatively low. For example, you can only run 500 SERP lookups every 24 hours while the agency plan allows up to 1200.

Agency plan: This is the highest Mangools pricing plan that is recommended for firms that run comprehensive SEO campaigns for multiple clients. It is sold for $79.90/month and provides marketers with the highest number of checks or analysis they can run in every 24 hours cycle. For example, you can check up to 15,000 backlink rows and 150 site analyses every day
Though the cost of Mangools might look relatively high, it is indeed sensible because multiple services are pooled together in a suite. Indeed, it is more convenient and helps to cut cost when compared to sourcing for the services separately.


  • Mangools provides the five most crucial tools for SEO marketing in one suite
  • The Mangools suite of tools is easy to install and use to make your SEO campaign successful
  • The tools make self-assessment easy, fast and fan. They also make reviewing competitors equally easy and fun
  • Mangools is priced affordably
  • The construction of Mangools makes it easy to run SEO campaigns successfully in multiple languages


  • Does not have direct phone call line or a live chat for prompt replies
  • The browser extension feature is only available for Mozilla and Google Chrome. This locks out those using alternative browsers


Mangools is a great SEO suite of tools because it allows marketers and webmasters to do more and increase the chances of success for their campaigns. The Mangools simple and clean user interface makes it easy for both new and experienced online marketers to easily follow their campaigns, study competitors, and boost their strategies for online success. Well, if you have been looking for an SEO marketing tool that has been proven to work, this is one great option to try.


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