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If you are a digital marketer or agency, managing multiple campaigns, clients, and reporting can be a tall order. These tasks can become more complicated, especially when working on tight schedules. However, you can simplify these tasks and make digital marketing fun by using appropriate management and reporting software. One of the leading tools is the ReportGarden software. Here is a comprehensive review of the tool.

What is Report Garden?

ReportGarden is a management and reporting software for marketing professionals and agencies. It provides a wide range of marketing tools that easily integrate with the users’ workflow. It was created to provide an alternative to Excel reports that are generated by Bing and Google.

ReportGarden provides freelancers and agencies the capacity to rapidly analyze and prepare clients’ performance reports. The software further allows users to customize the reports by selecting the data to be analyzed and shown to clients. The tool also provides the agency with more control over how data is presented. Note that the reports are easy to download in multiple formats.

To deliver greater value to clients, ReportGarden comes with multiple integrations and is available in four user plans. This makes it ideal for a wide range of users including small and large digital marketing enterprises.

Features Review

If you are an agency, the primary goal is running marketing campaigns for targeted clients. However, you have to do more tasks such as billing, tracking performance, and generating reports. These roles become more complicated when dealing with multiple clients. This is why ReportGarden is designed with professional features to help simplify these tasks. Here is a closer look at some of the top features.

Multi-Channel Reporting

This was the primary goal of designing ReportGarden software. As a digital marketer, you need to be smart to increase the efficiency of your campaigns. Multi-Channel Reporting feature helps you to automate reporting so that your reports can be generated with a few clicks.

The good thing with this feature is that it allows you to compare different campaigns’ performance in order to simplify decision making. For example, if you are looking at a parameter such as demographic reach, the reporting feature will pull data from multiple channels such as social media and Adwords.

Budget Management Module

When running digital marketing campaigns, the extent that you can go is partly defined by the budget. The budget management module is meant to help you operate within the budgetary limits and deliver the anticipated results. Here are the three main things you can do with this feature.
(i) Budget tracking: This allows you to set a budget for specific campaigns such as PPC for specific timelines. This means that you are able to operate prudently throughout the campaigns without taking the eyes off the main goal.
(ii) Budget alerts: To achieve more via digital marketing campaigns, budget alerts send notifications based on pre-set milestone or dangers. This is crucial because you can take corrective measures on time.
(iii) Budget pacing: To make budgeting easier, you can use budget pacing to predict the overall spend. This is very important especially when pricing services.

Invoice Management

When clients place orders with your agency, they have to do their part; paying for work done. But they can only do this when you send them invoices. The invoice management feature helps to simplify how you do the invoicing. It allows you to easily access invoice templates based on your business model, schedule invoices, and track clients’ payments.

SEO Feature

Perhaps one of the most crucial features of ReportGarden is SEO. This feature is a complete SEO suite that helps to follow clients’ pages to ensure everything is proceeding well. It helps you to carry backlink analysis, track keywords, and audit websites for your clients. This is a great way to diagnose your clients’ pages to know their problems or establish whether the current campaigns are working.

The above features are only samples of what ReportGarden has to offer. Others include Auto reminders, Scheduling, Reconciliation, and Integrations.


When a leading digital marketing firm provider enters the market, one of the methods used to demonstrate the commitment to customer value is the support. This is why ReportGarden put a lot of effort into perfecting its support services. Users can get assistance from the ReportGarden management team via multiple channels including email, sending inquiries via the Contact Us page, or the advice & answers page or the company. If you have an urgent inquiry, it is possible to get prompt help by calling directly using the phone number on the company’s website.

Pricing Plans

To ensure that more people can access and use ReportGarden, it is offered in four main price plans: Standard, Professional, Agency, and Enterprise. The difference between these plans is based on the features they provide.

If you are just getting started, it is advisable to go for the Standard Plan that is sold for $149/ month. Some of the features available in this plan are 30 accounts & dashboards and 200 keyword units. If you need to get more features from ReportGarden, you will have to upgrade to the professional Plan that costs $299/month or Agency that is tagged $649. For example, the Professional plan allows a user to have up to 70 accounts & dashboards and 750 keyword units.

If you find that your digital marketing firm needs more than the Agency and Professional Plans can offer, you can go for the Enterprise plan that costs $1,299/ month. To register for this plan, you have to contact ReportGarden to get it set for your firm. Besides, all the plans come with a seven-day free trial that allows you to test the offered features.


  • ReportGarden is very easy to install and also offers an impressive layout.
  • Offers cross-platform reporting in one dashboard.
  • Available in four different plans to ensure that more people can easily access it.
  • The tool is designed to help agencies easily work with multiple clients.
  • Impressive customer support.
  • The tool easily adapts to multiple languages.


  • ReportGarden is very expensive. The cheapest plan costs $149 which translates to $1,788/ year.
  • The top-notch features are only available in the upper user plans.


If you are a digital marketing professional or agency that handles multiple campaigns and clients, ReportGarden is a reliable tool for consolidating the campaigns management and reporting. Its features are comprehensive and allow users to run and report marketing campaigns professionally. Though ReportGarden is pricey, we cannot hesitate to recommend it because of its impressive features and ability to simplify marketing to reach pre-set goals.


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