MaxCDN review

MaxCDN is one of the Content Delivery Network (CDN) companies that have become very popular today. CDN is a system of interconnected servers that duplicates information of user websites and distributes it to facilitate faster accessibility by visitors. This article is a comprehensive review of MaxCDN to establish its operation, performance and services suitability.
The company was established in 2009 by Ueland Chris and specializes in offering varying CDN services for content management systems such as magneto and WordPress. Before 2013, the company operated as NetDNA and only adopted the name MaxCDN in December 2013. Today the company has grown in its peering cooperation networks and has more than 53 PoP locations. Of the 53 POPs, 22 are positioned in North America while others are in Europe and Asia.
MaxCDN Clientele Base
Since its establishment, the company has built a large customer base. Most of the top WordPress Hosting firms such as ZippyKid and WPEngine have teamed with the company to ensure their clients get faster loading web pages and better performances. Other top clients include The Forbes, Buy Sell Ads, Yoast, TemplateMonster and The Net Web that makes new clients keep coming and referring others. However, this does not lock out smaller clients from subscribing to MaxCDN services. The following should consider going for MaxCDN services.
• People with very high traffic on their websites
• Clients with websites that have a lot of pictures and videos
• Website receiving very low views
• Websites that deal with e-commerce
• Advertising company websites
• Online streaming sites such as radios and television
MaxCDN operational features and operations
(1) MaxCDN control panel
MaxCDN has an all-inclusive control panel that clients find very easy to use. The dashboard gives the user a complete overview of everything in their websites. This makes it easy to follow what is happening, get notifications, updates and reminders about charges and data. It has credit charts, remaining traffic and zones among other controls. Besides, the control panel has a useful interface that brings complete reports in form of charts so that the user can understand how much data has been transferred, cache hits and non-cache hits in %. With the control panel, it is possible to understand what is happening on your website and carry activities like managing pull zones, upload screen shots and review bandwidth usage.
(2) Provides different CDN zones
CDNs are designed to provide Push and Pull Zones. However, MaxCDN goes beyond this conventional setting to provide additional Live Zones and VOD Zones. While Push and Pull zones help to make websites faster, VOD enables users to stream recorded videos on their websites. This makes it easy to upload and provide clients with music, videos on performance, trainings and company products. The Live Zone is an outstanding platform by MaxCDN that allows streaming of live videos. These additional zones have made the company stand out from the rest, win more clients and drive customer satisfaction higher.
(3) Unique customer support
When clients buy MaxCDN services, they are provided with extensive tutorials in video and documentation to make sure that they can optimize value for money. The support enables them to apply MaxCDN in forum software, e-commerce and CMC platforms. It also teaches them how MaxCDN operates so that they can diagnose issues and rectify them as immediately as possible.
Besides, they also have customer support that listens and solves every issue professionally. All the year round, clients can email, fax, call or prompt live chats to get immediate replies to their queries about MaxCDN. For enterprise clients, queries are handled by a support manager so that they can have all issues addressed without waiting on the queue.
(4) Focus on security
When working with a CDN that carries all your website data, nothing is as important as knowing that information will be safe. MaxCDN goes to great lengths to ensure that every piece of information from clients is free from the ever rising cyber threats. Every clients account at MaxCDN is protected with multiple applications including IP Whitelist, Log, SSL, 2-factor authentication and Complete Activity Log. In addition to these, the company updates all the security systems to ensure that all websites, data and clients identities are free from emerging threats.
(5) Powerful API
MaxCDN provides very powerful API that makes it easy to integrate with other apps used in programming. They also maintain repositories for Python, Perl, PHP, NET, Ruby On Rails, and Node languages. This makes the CDN one of the best especially for emerging companies in web hosting and web development among others.
(6) MaxCDN prices
Even though MaxCDN is a top global brand, it provides clients with affordable rates. Besides, they categorize their products into different packages so that both smaller parties and big companies can select what is more affordable to them. For clients who subscribe to MaxCDN services on annual basis, a free offer of 2 months is provided. The lowest offer has a limit of 2 zones staring at 9 USD. For clients who want high volume packages, the company starts with 10TB at a cost of 499 USD.
(7) MaxCDN corporate social responsibility
With realization that technological developments are crucial in taking the globe to the next level, MaxCDN has established a great way of giving back to the society. They use part of their returns on supporting and sponsoring a diversity of open source programs. Some of these include the huge data consuming projects such as Bootstrap CDN, FrontAwesome and jQuery.
MaxCDN services have stood out from others because they are focused on quality and their management goes to great lengths in ensuring clients get total satisfaction. While their services are relatively pricy when compared to other CDNs, the performance is unrivalled. They insist that as clients pay, they can demand value for their money which MaxCDN delivers in overflowing measures. In every aspect of their operations, they focus on improving clients experience both in the short and long-term. When you think of taking your website performance to the next level on performance, traffic and client experience, MaxCDN is a great recommendation.

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