Reasons not to use Google Analytics

Despite the benefits of using Google Analytics, many people have found good reasons for not using this tool. Google Analytics is mostly very useful in monitoring the number of visitors to a website and their behavior while on any particular site at a given moment. However, the industry is full of other alternatives that perform just as good as, if not better than, Google Analytics. Some of the common reasons cited for not using this tool include the following:

  • Difficulty in setting up
  • Setting up the Google Analytics is a very tedious process. First, open an account. Add the appropriate web property on to the account. Set up a minimum of one profile for the account. Add extra users to the web profile, although this is optional. Add the tacking code for Google Analytics to all the pages on the web property.

  • Confusing interface
  • Google Analytics appears to have a very confusing interface primarily because it is very powerful.

  • Difficult terminologies
  • Failure to understand the terminology of any software is a good a reason as any to struggle using it. Most people who use Google Analytics, or prefer it to other similar tools, are industry professionals, thus unlikely to feel confused with all the terminologies.

  • Numerous Complications
  • The numerous dropdown menus as well as strange terminologies are the main reasons that make Google Analytics such confusing. In fact, with Google Analytics, making changes to the reports, no matter how small, can take numerous paths. This also makes the tool appear more confusing.

  • Difficulty in identifying the appropriate report to study
  • Google Analytics produces numerous reports. Identifying the relevant report from tens or hundreds of reports is a very tedious task.

  • Display of excessive information
  • Although analytics programs should provide as much information as possible, when it comes to Google Analytics, many users complain that it provides excessive details than what they need.

  • Too much time required to read the reports
  • The fact that Google Analytics provides too much information through numerous reports is responsible for the necessity for additional time to read all the relevant reports.

  • Google is business oriented
  • This regards the fact that Google is also in business, thus might not be the most trustworthy with information.

  • Failure to look at other alternatives
  • The market is full of other alternative analytics tools that can do as good a job as Google Analytics.

  • Google Analytics is Free
  • Free software does not provide the best service compared to what one would get by paying for the analytics. Users should not forget that they only get what they pay for and no more.

  • Inaccurate statistics
  • The fact that Google Analytics uses JavaScript means that it is not compatible with the many systems, which block it, thus responsible for issuing some very inaccurate information.

  • Poor ranking in other search engines
  • By using Google Analytics, a website might find itself performing very poorly in terms of ranking on other search engines.

Therefore, for these reasons and more, it might not be a good idea to consider using Google Analytics to monitor the performance of the website.

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