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A large number of people know that drop shipping is a great leap and platform of e-commerce; a business that permits you to start with no or little start-up capital. With drop-shipping, you can run a good and big business for that matter without having to personally carry the burden of inventory and the hassles of carriages and haulage. Drop-shipping offers you an unlimited and unrestricted level of expansion as you can test, sample, and trade in several products while you enjoy risk and stress-free operation with your money still safe in your pocket. Drop-shipping offers you the benefits of selling without buying, making a profit without investment, relax without stress.

Although you may not be new to the drop-shipping business, you may need to learn some more tricks to take your business higher and higher. Moving to the next level in your drop shipping business is really not a matter to handle with kids glove. What you do, the type of approach, the tool you employ, and your commitment all determine how far and quickly you can take your ship dropping into the next level of success.

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Success stories in drop shipping business are not just invented stories, but they are derived from those ‘who know what to do; how to do it; and when to do it in drop-shipping business.

The ‘what to do, how to do it, and when to do it’ is largely the secret behind every successful drop-shipping business. Knowing and doing it are the keywords here. You need to engage some perfect-working platform and tools to operate with, and you can be sure that success is guaranteed. One of the critical and functional tools you need is Ali2Woo.

What is Ali2Woo?

Ali2Woo is a great, perfect plugin tool that makes direct integration of your WooCommerce store with AliExpress possible and easy. With it, you can import products and flawlessly carry out orders on AliExpress.

Why do you need Ali2Woo for your Dropshipping Business?

Using Ali2Woo could turn out to be the best decision that your drop-shipping business is waiting for. You need this wonderful tool because of its unique features as enumerated below:

  • Ali2Woo grant you stress-free opportunity to add products into your online directly from AliExpress.
  • Automation of Price & Inventory – This becomes much easier with the plugin which will allow you to determine and set a certain price for the entire product on your store. Also, you constantly receive feedback on stock movement and price variations.
  • E-Packet Product Filter – Ali2Woo plugin affords you to spot product via the e-Packet shipping system easily.
  • Fulfil & Track Order – The plugin allows you this dual-role of meeting customers’ order and monitor products movement by tracking.
  • AliExpress Affiliate – Ali2Woo allows you to enjoy increased earnings from the AliExpress through the affiliate program. This is an opportunity that will enable you to make more money.
  • Product Review – Constant and genuine import review from AliExpress which ultimately convince your customer to buy from you.
  • Translate & Multi-currency option – Ali2Woo plugin allows you to import products in various price currencies. Also, products reviews are possible in different languages.

Ali2Woo Pricing

Ali2Woo comes with three amazing pricing plans:

* It is noteworthy to understand that the advanced plan is the supreme plan that covers all the features of Ali2Woo. The advanced plan guarantees you full access to the plugin.

The advanced plan covers the entire features of Ali2Woo, to have full access to the plugin features and functionality the advanced plan might be your best choice.

Pros of Ali2woo

  • Ali2Woo customer support team is always ready to help you migrate from other drop shipping plugins to Ali2Woo tool without stress. All you need do is to buy Ali2Woo plugin tool and get in touch with the Customer Support Center to help you migrate.
  • Ali2Woo plugin provides you with the opportunity to import any AliExpress product directly without restrictions into your WooCommerce store and forwarding them straight to your customers.
  • Ali2Woo allows and permits you to import all forms of products from AliExpress excepting sexual type products. This offers great product import freedom to uses.
  • Ali2Woo plugin allows you to integrate it with any WooCommerce theme easily. Any other WooCommerce themes or edit templates can be used with ease if so decided.
  • Ali2Woo team can help you to build your drop shipping store. Their unique templates can provide the best-customised drop shipping store you needed.
  • Another wonderful pro of Ali2Woo is their cash-back system – this allows you to earn additional affiliates commissions providing a significant boost to your dropshipping source of earning. This can be achieved if you use either AliExpress Portal or Admitted Network.

Cons of Ali2Woo

Ali2Woo is a wonderfully working and helpful plugin tool for your drop shipping business on AliExpress. Despite all the great features it offers and the amazing pros of this plugin, it still has some downsides too. Let’s take a look at some of the downsides.

  • The monthly fee could be a big issue especially when it is considered in the long term. A one-time purchase fee could be a better idea.
  • You are not totally owner – Every product that you can import to your online store is in charge of Ali2Woo. You are restricted from importing some products that are out of their favour.
  • Another big minus of Ali2Woo plugin is that it totally lacks marketing tools which are a big limitation to use it optimise your store.
  • Limited activities and products – Unless you are on the advanced plan, you are restricted to the number of products in your plan. This limitation of products may not be encouraging to some users.

Final Say

Ali2Woo plugin with all the various unmatched features is an undisputable helpful plugin tool that can boost the users drop shipping business. A drop shipping business with no working tools such as Ali2Woo may not experience and enjoy the multiple advantages of Ali2Woo. Generally speaking, as it is common of many products and services, there is hardly any product or service without some cons. The pros of Ali2Woo plugin far outweigh the cons. The few noticeable cons are not on workability or functionality of the plugin technology. This is a good radiant to the perfectness and helpfulness as AliExpress working tool. To move your drop shipping business higher and further, you indeed need the support of Ali2Woo.


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