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  • Live details and auto updating
  • Free lifetime help and updates
  • Fundamental and simple to understand interface
  • Inbuilt themes optimised for high transformation
  • Absolutely perfect for woocommerce

Alidropship enables you to bring-in aliexpress products into an e-commerce store on your own WordPress website. The enables you to simply begin with your dropshipping based business. One of the benefits of alidropship is that it incorporates with WordPress and woocommerce in replacement of shopify. You can also receive hosting and swell creates an absolute website through alidropship without enhancing the site yourself. Therefore, Alidropship links with your WordPress store and enables you to browse and choose products from aliexpress after which the products are mechanically sent to your shop with details of the products like the name, description and images. You have two alternatives to pick from when you want to pay for alidropship. The foremost is the customer care which allows you to build your own dropshipping site on the alidropship podium. As stated the hosting is supplied, and you will enjoy 100% possession of your shop. Additionally, alidropship has a library of templates so that there is no difficulty when making your internet shop.

Features of Alidropship

The principal feature about alidropship is the single click plugin that turns the whole WordPress website into a completely persistent online store with dropshipping alternatives. As for the qualities that come with the plugin, below are some of these features:

Full Automation

Relatively, a few automated implements come with the alidropship plugin. One of them is for importing and searching for your products with filters and a button to add the products to your website. Another helps out with the pricing automation since it lets you build your own rules to fix your own markups when there is a change in price. They also like the alternatives to fulfil orders mechanically and send out order tracking.

Site Customization

Alidropship features numerous inbuilt themes so that you don’t have to any difficulty with code. There is also woocommerce support, an inbuilt photo editor as well as production differences.


The marketing part is one of the awesome aspects of alidropship because you can hardly get this with dropshipping programs. To begin with, alidropship contains an alternative to share discount coupons with your users. You can also set up an area for product reviews. Email lists are possible if you would love to collect emails and the discarded cart qualities assist you to bring people back to your website.

Alidropship Pricing

Though the pricing for alidropship is quite uncomplicated, there are numerous items you have to choose from, and the sites also have some add-ons you might desire to consider in future.

To begin with, alidropship sells its WordPress plugin for $89 though it is not clearly stated on the website that it is a single-time fee or if you have to pay annually for constant support. Despite this, many plugins like Alidropship have the one-time fee and advance for support. This payment comprises automation, updates, unrestricted products, and so many other significant qualities discussed above.

If you would love to build a custom dropshipping store on the alidropship podium, the cost of the packages begins from $299. This is a single fee where the store begins with 50 products but then enables an unrestricted number of products. The internet store is built for you, so there is no much improvement work on your site.

The other custom store strategy cost about $499 and $899 respectively. These advancements have different advantages such as promo videos for your products and social media promotional devices.

This hosting is relatively logical with alidropship, seeing as how it begins at $48 annually and it also comprises of a free SSL. Below are all of the contrasted hosting strategies:

  • Silver: $48 annually for 3GB of space, unrestricted bandwidth, a control panel, free SSL, 20 email address, and about five websites.
  • Gold: $86 annually for 8GB of space, support up to ten sites, 40 email addresses, and all that are featured in the earlier strategy.
  • Platinum: $220 annually for 17GB of space, support for nearly 30 websites, 80 email addresses, as well as all that is featured in the preceding plan.


  • Alidropship allows simple installation
  • It also features a one-time fee
  • Through Alidropship, there is simple product import


  • It features double plugin versions
  • It features only forum support
  • Its import listing is a bit awkward.

Alidropship Add-ons

The only further expense with alidropship is if you end up paying for a number of add-ons. The add-on collection doesn’t have so many items, but it is a place to view in case you want some kind of purposefulness. For example, there is an add-on for the newest sales pop-up, countdown timer as well as facebook product directory. A good number of these add-ons are free of charge, yet they cost up to $69.

Benefits of Alidropship Plugin

Some other advantages of alidropship plugin may include the following:

  • Absolutely perfect with woocommerce
  • Fundamental as well as simple to understand interface
  • Hassle-free product search as well as immediate upload
  • Reasonable pricing devoid of impediments
  • Live statistics and auto updating
  • Inbuilt themes optimised for great revolutions
  • Free lifetime assistance and updates
  • It is of high quality compared to other plugins.

Final Verdict

Alidropship is seen to be one of the little aliexpress dropshipping plugins that move away from the subscription costing representation and is fairly inspirational in the market. Presently, it functions perfectly for both starters and experienced users. However, their naming strategy is my main complaint. In general, it does the work, and it is also effective immediately you get fix with quite a simple installment. This is the reason why I choose alidropship to other products.


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