How does good website development impact SEO?

Good website development affects SEO and the search engine rankings. Therefore, when building SEO website, be very careful with the design stage and the entire process from start to finish. Regardless whether the website has 2 or 20 pages, the web development has to be given the due consideration that it requires. In fact, the web design has to respect a few vital aspects or features. Failure to adhere to these aspects would make the website not achieve the desired search engine ranking. Trying to ascertain that the website contains all the SEO components when it already lacks the basic SEO features would be an exercise in futility.


For the website to have a good SEO impact and achieve the desired search engine rankings, the focus ought to be on its size, especially during web design. Although many people are unaware of this fact, the size of the website affects SEO. The size of the website is all about content. With the relevant content, the website would enjoy improved search engine ranking. Since content matters, it pays to build a website with more than a couple of pages. Professional websites are full of numerous pages that contain plenty of relevant, useful, engaging and interesting content. If the website has these, its impact on SEO would be quite telling.

Developing a website that is full of images and all manner of graphics is not good for SEO. Such a website shall not achieve the desired search engine ranking that it desires. Optimizing websites full of images and various graphics is a very difficult proposition even to the most gifted and highly skilled web designer. The search engine robots are incapable of reading the many texts contained within animation and graphics. The robots can only identify or read a few texts. For that reason, the site would not achieve the desired SEO goals or ranking, if it is full of graphics or animation and very little text or content.

The dynamism of the web pages is vital when it comes to building SEO-friendly websites. It is not wrong to include some dynamic web pages on the website. However, they should not fill the entire website. It is advisable to include some permanent web pages on the site. Learn how to use the HTML properly, especially when building or structuring the website. Some of the web building software found in the market today would not be perfect for building good SEO-based websites. Therefore, choose the software carefully. Macromedia Dreamweaver is one of the best types of web design software available for any person who wants to build SEO-friendly website.

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The choice of domain name, which happens during the web design stage, is also crucial. Domain name has an impact on SEO. When choosing a domain name, remember the visitors or clients. Choose a domain name that would not be problematic to visitors. Choose a domain name that is easier to remember and type on the browser. Long-winded domain names are not a good choice and would have a negative impact on SEO. The use of frames is no longer effective. Frames were very popular during the 1990s, but the environment has changed massively. Finally, keep updating the content or information on the website, with the help of a web developer.

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