Sucuri Review

Sucuri is a WordPress security plugin that is free for all WordPress users. One misconception that a lot of people hold is that only very popular and high traffic websites are at risk. Whether your website is new or has been running for some time, it is prudent to take every precaution to help keep it as safe as possible. WordPress has taken a great step to ensure that all people using its platform are safe so that they can run all operations effectively. Sucuri helps to prevent your site or page from blacklists, DDos, malware, and hackers.
When you activate Sucuri, all the traffic is passed via cloudproxy firewall before going to your respective server. This makes it easy to note all attacks and malware so that only legitimate traffic goes to your page. Well, using Sucuri has two main advantages; securing your website and making it faster. While Sucuri is designed specifically for WordPress is also very effective if you are using other website support platforms such as Joomla, Drupal, HTML, NET, and PHP.
Website Security Monitoring
The target of Sucuri is proactive in nature; identifying threats and stopping them before they attack. Therefore, they keep researching on all existing and upcoming malware and develop counter systems to keep your site completely free. The plugin has a sitecheck scanner that automatically scans your page or site to ensure that there are no link injections, iframes, malware, and suspicious redirects among others. Once you activate Sucuri, you can set the frequency of the malware scanner, blacklisting, DNS changes, content changes in the mail files, and WHOIS changes. By blocking bad links and bots, the scanner helps you not to get blacklisted by Opera, Yandex, SiteAdvisor, Google, and Norton among others.
WordPress Security plugin
For people using WordPress sites, Sucuri has a free plugin that helps to audit every activity like new post additions, file changes, file uploads, and user logging. With the plugin, all your files will remain intact and keep them from hackers who hide malware in various files and folders. While it is incredible, people who want to take extra caution can use the plugin hardening feature that helps harden WordPress installations with a click of a button.
Server screening
Once you installed the plugin, the dashboard gives you a view that helps to monitor all activities taking place on the web server. This involves scanning the entire web server and following every item to ensure there are no malware or suspicious activities going on. Note that some smart hackers do not mind infecting visitors with malware in only to include a banner in old posts or even replace an affiliate link. These can be very difficult to catch if using other security software. Sucuri side scanner screens every file and displays any file alterations to keep you informed about everything taking place at the backend of your site. You can, therefore, be sure of staying away from such smart hackers.
Website Security Alerts
One of the most useful tools for WordPress security is security alerts. They help you remain on top of your page and understanding what threats are targeting the page regularly. They send an immediate notification so that you can institute proper changes. The good thing with Sucuri is that you select the mode of notifications so that the alerts get you wherever you are. You can select RSS, imS, Twitter, SMS, or email.
Sucuri Malware Cleanup
Notably, identifying a malware is not enough when dealing with security issues. Sucuri will also help you to clean the malware completely from your page. Their malware clean-up service has no limitation of the pages you clean or even frequency. Sucuri makes it easy for people to buy subscription even if their pages have been hacked. Well, this is not all. If you have been blacklisted by Google, they will help you get cleared.
CloudProxy Firewall
This is an enterprise level website protection that is not available for free plan users. Many users consider this to be among the top website security options that will keep your site from attacks such as;
• DOS (Denial of Service) attacks
• 0-Day Disclosure Patches
• Exploitation of software vulnerabilities
• Brute force attacks your access mechanisms
CloudProxy Firewall is offered with other features such as Performance optimization, Advanced Access Control, and Failover and Redundancy.
Sucuri and website performance
One impact of malware in your page is replicating files and taking available space. The effect of this is slow loading speeds. This will result in loss of traffic, reduced conversions, and lower conversions. With Sucuri, all the malware, and harmful scripts will be eliminated to increase loading speed and site performance. Besides, your visitors will also not be at risk of getting malware on your page. While other security software only focuses on specific areas of your page, Sucuri targets all areas so that your page is clean and fast.
Sucuri support
One thing about Sucuri is that their support is fast and responsive to clients' inquiries. Once you send an inquiry, they take 4 hours to respond during the normal working days (Monday-Friday). Indeed, they even never hit the 4 hours mark; many users indicate that their queries were responded to within one or two hours. Besides, all support is offered through support tickets that allow users to track their enquiries and responses over time.
While this support system has worked well, the company misses a point for not embracing various methods of supporting its users. They do not have direct telephone lines, live chats, or email support. This may be disappointing for those who prefer prompt answers.
Every day, stories of websites getting hacked and information getting lost are not too uncommon. Sucuri is among the best security systems that will work effectively for your page. The monitoring and scanning services are very useful so that you can know about threats targeting your page instantly as opposed to learning about it from Google Blacklist or friends. With top multinationals such as Daily Monitor and CNN using Sucuri, it is no doubt a service that has been tested and worth utilizing for your pages.

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